Transform your house into a winter wonderland without ever taking down your fall decorations. Take your decorations from Thanksgiving to Christmas by repurposing them. Each idea will bring the same delightful cheer from one season to the next.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #1: Perfect Pinecones

Give your pinecones a winter makeover! Change your pinecones from fall to winter by adding snowy details by using spray paint or cotton materials. Another way to transform pinecones is by adding glitter to make them glisten like the winter snow.
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #2: Add Some Holly
Remove the colors of fall from your centerpiece, but keep all the leaves, branches and greenery. Then add some holly and evergreen garlands to create a beautiful winter-inspired piece.
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #3: Signs of Celebration
If you have a hanging sign around your fireplace or on your front porch make it reusable. Chalkboard or reversible signs with neutral colors like white or grays make an easy transfer to winter. Another tip is to keep up your signs that remind us of thankfulness!
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #4: J’adore Cranberries
Cranberries are the perfect item to use for fall and winter season. In the fall they remind you of cranberry sauce on the Thanksgiving table and in the winter they are a bright rich hue to the neutrals of winter. Use cranberries for centerpieces, candles or garlands.
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #5: Glowing Candles
Candles bring an unparalleled sense of warmth to any space. Buy candles with rich red hues, brightening whites or shimmering metallic for an easy transition into the splendor of the holiday season.
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #6: Twinkling Stars
Twine or golden stars add just a touch of the sparkling night sky to any holiday. Integrate a few during Thanksgiving decorating and add even more when Christmas begins. Stars also symbolize hope, guidance and good luck—virtues one can use all year long.
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Tip #7: Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon
This magical scent is perfect for crisp fall days and chilly winter nights. Utilize cinnamon scents around your house to add a little something extra to the atmosphere you have created. Additionally, cinnamon sticks make great visual details in any kind of decorations.
Make your decorations an opportunity to give visual representation for all the positive feelings that the holidays inspire. Have more multi-purpose decoration ideas? We’d love to hear them on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Also, Snappening’s Pinterest page is full of holiday fun on our Holidays: Christmas Party Ideas + Winter Party Ideas pinboard. The holiday are a fabulous time to plan a gathering. See our event planner search to find a professional to help you with all the details.