Fro-yo on the go? Cultured Swirl is the expert! Owner Gina Purcell shares the in’s and out’s of hosting a custom frozen yogurt bar at your next party.

What does frozen yogurt add to an event?
Frozen yogurt bars for events can certainly add an element of fun and uniqueness. It also is a healthier option to consider for your wider variety of guests when comparing other desserts like cake, brownies or cookies. The frozen yogurt at Cultured Swirl, for example, happens to be 100% certified organic.

How can event hosts keep the frozen yogurt cold? What’s the setup like? Should they be concerned about melting?

The frozen yogurt will likely be delivered in Styrofoam cups (or other similar containers) and is able to remain frozen for several hours. Most vendors will provide spoons and toppings to accompany this tasty treat. The yogurt can be stored in a freezer until ready to serve, so if event hosts have extra space or a second freezer, this is also always a good option.

What time of day is best for a frozen yogurt bar?
While the folks at Cultured Swirl have certainly eaten frozen yogurt for breakfast, they admit that most customers want to enjoy it in the afternoon or evenings. Frozen yogurt bars make ideal additions to luncheons, birthday celebrations, baby and bridal showers, office parties and business events. Special, more formal, containers are also available for weddings to match the theme of a more formal event.

Can it be a themed frozen yogurt bar?

Yes, event planners and hosts can create any theme they’d like around their frozen yogurt bars, but we usually leave the decorating up to them.

How is it served? What quantity do you suggest per guest? What kind of dishes do you use?

Typically portions are about 3 oz. of frozen yogurt, with one additional once of toppings served in a Styrofoam cup, or the host’s container of choice. The customer picks the flavors and toppings. (At Cultured Swirl, for example, we have a 20-cup minimum when ordering.)

What flavors would you suggest? How is the bar arranged?
For our brand, our signature Pomberry Tart and Salted Caramel are our most popular flavors. We also offer up to eight different organic and two vegan flavors to choose from at any given time. We let the customer decide where to set up and we arrange the cups and toppings unless the customer wishes to do so.

What are the best toppings? For kids? For adults?

We have fun non-traditional toppings like bacon, potato chips and Nutella sauce, but also have fruit, nuts and candy to appeal to many palates.
Aren’t you just craving some frozen yogurt now? You can learn more about frozen yogurt bars for your event by visiting Cultured Swirl’s website. Share your frozen yogurt bar themes with us on Facebook and Twitter, and learn more about our party planning themes and inspiration on Pinterest.

About the Author: Gina Purcell
Meet our interviewee for this blog, Gina Purcell. Purcell and her husband, Andy, opened Cultured Swirl in April 2013. The Purcell’s love frozen yogurt and one of their favorite pastimes was to visit different yogurt shops around the country to find out what makes each unique. Thus, their pastime turned into a career when they opened Cultured Swirl in Fountain Square with all organic frozen yogurt.