There’s something about the Super Bowl that brings out every sports fan’s competitive side—and the heat’s already high here inIndianapolis as Super Bowl XLVI approaches in February! As a smart and savvy party planner, you might have already tracked down the secret recipe for that perfect guacamole, mapped out all seating arrangements and obtained enough football party décor for the next five seasons. What’s another way to score big points with guests between trips to the buffet? A little friendly competition!
While this year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis will provide more than enough entertainment, engage guests in a few party games before or after the big sporting event for a party that stands apart from the rest. Wings and beer taste so much better after a victory!
The Pre-Game Game
Let’s face it, Indianapolis—nothing gets the energy up like a quick game of football. If costs and weather permit, set up heat lamps in the backyard and tell guests to bundle up! Set up a game of two-hand touch football, make teams, set the rules and let your guests’ good-natured competitive side shine. Be sure to end the game at least 30 minutes before Super Bowl 2012 kicks off to allow your guests time to clean up and settle in (and reward that intense workout with plenty of tailgate food!).

Virtual Football Tournament
 If circumstances aren’t ideal for guests to toss the ol’ pigskin around outside, set up a video game tournament before the game. Even female guests are bound to get into this! Set up the big screen, game system and the latest version of Madden! Take turns playing in a tournament until a winner is crowned—and be sure to select the two teams taking the field at Lucas Oil Stadium to really set the game-day mood.
The Post-Game Commercial Run-down
Ah, the legendary Super Bowl commercials. Ranging from hilariously crude beer commercials to elaborate dance numbers, those fleeting minutes between plays are anything but boring! Why not make a game out of commercial breaks, too? Supply guests with pens and paper to note which commercials get a thumbs up, a thumbs down and why. Once the game is over, tally up the votes to see which big-ticket commercial came out on top during the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.


The Indianapolis Soup-er Bowl

Why not add a charitable twist to the one day that might only fall behind Thanksgiving in terms of massive food consumption? Ask guests on their invitations to your Super Bowl XLVI party to bring canned soup and other non-perishable food items to be donated to an Indianapolis food pantry. Set your Indianapolis Super Bowl bash apart by enjoying the good things in life (Food! Sports! More food!) and giving back.
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