Who says that kids get to have all the fun when it comes time for celebrating birthdays? With this Moroccan-chic themed birthday party, you’ll make your grownup guest of honor actually enjoy turning one year older!
Nothing says Moroccan like bold, bright colors to make a statement in your entertainment space. Pick up a healthy amount of lightweight, synthetic chiffon from your local craft store in a multitude of colors—pinks, oranges, violets, blues—and start draping. Use pins (or easy-to-remove Velcro if you’re concerned about ruining your walls) to tack up the fabric. Let it drape all the way from floor to ceiling or pin it up every few feet to create a neat billowing effect.
Pick up some inexpensive, but pretty paper lanterns online or at a craft store for soft mood lighting, but don’t rely on these lamps as the only lighting at your shindig—they don’t give off much, but you can’t beat them for creating an exotic atmosphere. Throw down some pretty, colorful rugs, low seating (think coffee-table height) and satin pillows and you’re good to go.
Since a popular Moroccan drink is green tea, why not serve up a super chic, alcoholic version to get guests talking? We’re thinkingGreen Tea Martinis, a drink that sounds like it took you all week concocting ideas for, but really is only a few ingredients that you might even have on hand. Garnish the glass with a few lime slices, and you’ve got a stylish, tasty drink for the ages.
Traditional Moroccan food is beautifully diverse, representing a mélange of cultures since the North African country is bordered by Spain to the North, Algeria to the East and the Western Sahara to the South. Let’s not forget that most of the country speaks Arabic. Is your mind reeling from all the possibilities? Don’t let the country’s unique culture overwhelm you—just keep it simple and serve ethnic party favorites that most everyone will enjoy like hummus, pita and vegetables, chicken and lamb kebobs. Don’t forget couscous, and lots of it.
Provide plates and utensils for your guests but remind them that Moroccans traditionally use bread to eat (pita will work) and their hands, and to try it if they’re feeling adventurous!

For dessert, we’re making Zucre Coco, or Moroccan Coconut Fudge cakes, which are super easy to make the day before when you have more time. Serve individually or by cutting slices from a large pan. Either way, your guests will love your creativity!

Serve it alongside store-bought, Dreyer’s brand Cinnamon ice cream and bakery-bought baklava and this diverse dessert buffet will have something for everyone!

Surprised at how easy this can come together? We’re betting the hardest part about getting together this event is trying to convince the guest of honor that she’s not quite old enough to get out of the belly dancing lessons that you bought her as a birthday present.