As Pantone’s designated top wedding color of 2013, emerald is the perfect shade of green to accent the whites, creams, and beiges of you wedding fashion and décor. Snappening highlights wedding details that give you the perfect opportunity to go green—emerald green that is.
Emerald Fashion
Adding hints of emerald to your wedding fashion is the easiest way to make the color stand out. Bridesmaid dresses in this particular color palette typically work very nicely for women of all skin tones and hair colors. A flower girl dress in this shade is also very pretty and still age appropriate. If you are considering using two colors in your wedding like gold and emerald, you may pick a gold bridesmaid dress and pair it with emerald jewelry. Of course emerald shoes and hairpieces are simple ways to add a pop of color too.
Emerald Bouquets
When using a unique central color like emerald green, don’t limit yourself to just floral bouquets. Create a succulent arrangement with sempervivums, aeoniums, graptopetalums and whatever else you like. Keep in mind, a succulent bouquet will be heavier than a standard floral bouquet so make sure the holder is strong enough to support the arrangement. Also, combining flowers like white roses or peonies with a collection of succulents creates a beautiful contrast which gives the bouquet modern and traditional elements.
Emerald Décor and Centerpieces
If you want to add emerald to your ceremony décor, you may gather seat covers in the color or place a modified version of your emerald bouquet on the end of each row of chairs. The way you choose to incorporate emerald into your reception décor is dependent on the look you are trying to achieve. If you’re aiming for a rustic look, use a lace or white table cloth and place various flowers and succulents into emerald glass dishes to sit on the table. If a glam look is more your style, you can use a sparkling emerald table cloth with gold utensils, plates and add floral arrangements to gold vases to liven up the table even more.
Emerald Cake Options
The idea of a green wedding cake may sound a bit over-the-top, but adding a pop of emerald to the cake can actually give it a more elegant, luxurious look. The entire cake doesn’t have to be coated in green frosting to coordinate with the rest of your emerald décor. Instead, for a modern-looking cake you could try a chevron pattern or try creating alternating layers of emerald and white. If that is still too much green for your taste, you could try a simple white-frosted cake with just a touch of emerald flowers or ribbon.
Emerald is great for different aspects of your ceremony and reception because it is so versatile. It can be chic and elegant for a rustic wedding or sophisticated and luxurious for a glamorous event. No matter what look you are attempting, it is the the perfect color to help achieve it. Making sure to cover all the details of your big day can be challenging, so consider hiring a professional wedding planner to help take some of that stress off of you, or if you still haven’t found your wedding venue, try our venue searchoption.
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