Golf originated in the 1500s with a lonely Sheppard hitting rocks by himself in the fields. Today golf has evolved into a grand social gathering for friends to get together and have some fun while getting some fresh air and exercise. A great way to coordinate a golf outing with your friends, family, office companions, clients or trade association members is to plan a golf tournament. The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million. The chances of hosting a successful golf tournament are much more in your favor if you utilize these helpful tips that we have provided for you in today’s blog post!

Pick a Golf Course

You will want to book a golf course as far in advance as possible. Therefore, you will need to scope out some potential tournament courses early on. If you’re shooting for an upscale tournament, consider choosing an exclusive golf course that it highly rated in your area. If you just want to have fun with some friends than you can always reserve the community golf course to save some money. Some courses might require an up-front fee for tournament reservations, so be sure to check with the course management team and convey your golf tournament goals in advance.

Gather the Golfers

Who you invite to participate depends on the golf tournament atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve. You can invite your coworkers via email for a corporate event or you can publicize the tournament via the media if it is going to be for charity. Another way to gather some participants for a charity tournament is to put a sign-up sheet in the pro shop of the golf course where you frequently play. Depending on which course you choose to host the event, you might be able to have two sets of 18-hole foursomes at the same time. Therefore you’ll want to check beforehand so you don’t invite more participants than the course can accommodate. Once you have a final headcount of everybody that will be coming, you need to be sure to have enough volunteers at the tournament in order to manage all of the golf tournament players. Have the people that are orchestrating the tournament be easily recognizable with colored shirts or hats.

Choose the Format of the Golf Tournament

Many golf tournaments focused on fun or fundraising choose either the two-man or four-man scramble format. The most common way to run a golf tournament is to have groups of four tee off every ten minutes, or to have each foursome start at a designated hole on the course simultaneously with a shotgun start. Each foursome can have an official scorekeeper for the group who can have the final say of who wins. However, it’s your golf tournament and you’re calling the shots! Run it whichever way you please!


Golf Tournament Themes

A great way to make your golf tournament stand out and entice people to come is to give it a theme. Here are a few themes to consider:

  • Around the World in 18 Holes: Have golf tournament participants dress up in outfits from different countries, such as sombreros, kilts and kimonos. For refreshments, offer a smorgasbord of different tastes from around the world at each hole
  • Golf in History: Prior to the golf tournament, have the participants decide on an era of golf to recreate throughout the tournament. For example, it might be themed around the Victorian age in England, with women dressed in large-brimmed hats and long skirts.
  • Superheroes: Golfers can flaunt masks and capes of their favorite superheroes or possibly create an entirely new superhero of their own!

Once you have decided on the theme you should make sure that you have everything you will need to portray it. Consider using a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything important for the big day!


Golf Tournament Prizes

Everyone loves winning prizes! Stir up some competition by offering tournament prizes for the winning team, longest drive, sinking the longest putt, holes-in-one, most golf balls lost or even longest distance traveled to participate. You can offer a variety of different rewards including new golf clubs, golf balls, hats, t-shirts or even a golf ball cake! After the tournament is over you can throw a celebratory bash with all of the participants in the country club or maybe even at an entirely different event venue.

Planning an entire golf tournament requires a lot of time and hard work. Consider making it easier on yourself by hiring an event planner. If you have any great golf stories or ideas, share them on Facebook or Twitter! For more event inspiration check out our boards on Pinterest!