Technology changes at a rapid pace, and smart event business owners know that utilizing cutting-edge tools is necessary for continued growth and success. Today’s blog focuses on on one of the latest technologies that brings the power of Google, right to the fingertips (and doorsteps) of event venues and their prospective clients across the globe. Let’s talk more about giving customers an online venue tour experience with Google Virtual Tours.
What is a Google Virtual Tour?
Millions of users visit Google Maps every day to find, and learn about new places. Google Virtual Tours, or more appropriately known as Google Business Photos, is a type of photography that allows viewers to see a 360° view of an establishment and get businesses is to get on that map (literally!). Google Business Photos is an extraordinary new feature of Google Maps that allows business owners to invite potential customers inside, from anywhere in the world, using an interactive virtual tour. Since the tours use the same technology as Google Maps, the viewer is given a nearly in-person experience.

Why is it beneficia
Google Virtual Tours puts the consumer in the middle of the action. Just like walking down the street, peeking in store fronts, people are more likely to check out a venue location when they can see what it is all about right up front. This gives potential clients a close up look no matter where they are in the world. Whether it’s a bride planning their wedding from another state or parents looking for a rehearsal dinner location, they can picture their event in your venue.

What types of event venues should consider tours?
All types of businesses will benefit from integrating virtual tours on their website. Tours of restaurants give potential patrons an idea if the restaurant has the vibe they’re seeking out before they make a reservation. A banquet hall tour will allow clients to visualize themselves in the room at their prom or wedding reception. A tour of a chapel will let a bride and groom-to-be better plan and imagine their wedding day.

How can I get a tour for my event venue?

In order to get a quality product, and comply with Google’s standards, you’ll need to use a Google Trusted Photographer. These photographers are entrusted by Google to provide high quality business photos. Google Virtual Tours has just begun to show its potential to businesses worldwide.
Does my Google Virtual Tour integrate with other technologies?

Yes, your Google Virtual Tour integrates seamlessly with other technologies and can easily be embedded in a number of places, including on your event venue profile.

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