When spring arrives, nice weather is finally upon us and it’s the time of year to take your party outside in the ultimate tradition of elegance: the garden party. Snappening wants you to make an impression and celebrate good weather, good food and good family and friends in the most elegant way. Below we have compiled our favorite tips and tricks to ensure you amaze your guests with a truly gorgeous summer garden party.

Garden Party Idea #1: Delightful Décor 
Since spring is all about enjoying the amazing weather outdoors, the name of the game with garden party event planning is to emphasize the outdoors in your decor. With this in mind, when it comes to decorating your garden party, utilize what’s at hand—flowers—everywhere! A fun way to showcase florals is by using watering cans as your centerpieces. You can easily hang these watering can bouquets from tree branches with heavy twine for a fun effect. Just make sure that if you do hang your watering can bouquets that they are not filled with water, but rather use soaked floral foam. Another trendy way to display flowers for your garden party is to use clear glass vases, and fill them with slices of bright, beautiful lemons, limes or oranges. This trick offers color and uniqueness to your event, surprising and wowing those in attendance. Also, don’t forget that the summer heat can take a toll on your guests. To offer the utmost in elegant comfort, try placing floor cushions with pillows around your yard or garden for your guests to sit down and lounge on throughout the evening. This trick gives your family and friends comfortable seating options as well as a relaxed and rustic look for your party.
Garden Party Idea #2: Light It Up

Garden parties are the ultimate in outdoor entertainment. To brighten up the evening and celebrate spring in style, wowing your guests with DIY lighting arrangements is the perfect way to party outside. The easiest way to design outdoor lighting is by using Christmas tree lights to intertwine around trees, bushes and tables. These simple glittering strands help to make your party magical as the sun goes down. One of our favorite DIY lighting concepts involve hanging glass tea-light candle holders using colored ribbon from tree branches all around your party. These hanging lighting fixtures are an easy and unique way to add some twinkle to the outdoors. Another beautiful lighting idea for outdoor garden parties is the use of candelabra (a traditionally indoor lighting concept)! Using a candelabra outside is a perfect way to add elegance to a garden party, especially if a sit-down meal is being offered.

Garden Party Idea #3: Gratifying Garden Food
What is a party without a feast? To feed your guests with panache, provide garden-centric treats. Fresh fruits and a variety of colorful vegetables displayed in rustic containers such as trays, jars or baskets, are the perfect complement to your outdoor celebration. Tiny personal cups of fresh-cut vegetables wrapped in thick butcher paper are a classic and elegant choice, and one that is portable, allowing guests to walk around socializing throughout your event. Offer cutlery in garden plant pots for a nice effect. And remember, a party outside may be hot, so don’t forget to comfort party guests by offering a drink station. Offering a large icy pitcher of sparkling water with lemon, lime and orange slices to match your floral décor is a perfect choice.

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