When people ask what are the hottest wedding trends, a number of things come to mind – using herbs as centerpieces, utilizing multiple themed food stations and vintage chic weddings with lace and pearls. But, honestly, we think the most important trend is personalization. Nothing is hotter than designing a wedding that reflects the personality of the bride and the groom. Since many of the decisions surrounding a wedding are made by the bride (i.e. color palate, flowers, invitations, etc), we decided to come up with some fresh ideas for grooms to showcase their style on the big day.

Bring Back the Groom’s Cake
Many people think of the groom’s cake as an old Southern tradition. However, the groom’s cake is making a comeback. Consider the main mans hobbies and interests when selecting a cake theme. The cake could resemble a golf green, to honor the avid golfer. If the groom is into motorcycles, why not try a cake that resembles a Harley Davidson? Or if the groom is a gamer, perhaps a cake that resembles his PS3 or Xbox? The groom’s cake is a fun way to honor the luckiest man at the reception.

 Serve a DIY Brew
If you’re hosting your own reception, this is the perfect idea for you! Is the groom (or another member of the family) into brewing his own beer? How about brewing a few kegs of beer and naming the brew after the groom? For instance, if the groom’s name is Larry the beer could be called Larry’s Lager. Or what about Drew-ski’s Brewskie? Brian’s Barley Pop? Lawrence’s Liquid Bread? Randy’s Redneck Wine? Oscar’s Oat Soda? You get the idea.

Personalize the Boutonniere
Many grooms wear boutonnieres, just like most brides carry bouquets. Often the boutonniere will include a single flower to match the bride’s color palate. It’s also a great place to add picture charms of loved ones that can’t be there with the groom on his special day. The charms can be simple and small, but it’s a unique way to honor those who have passed.

A Mancave? On Your Wedding Day?!

Absolutely. Some venues are offering a separate lounge for the groom and his groomsmen to congregate and relax before the wedding ceremony. We have also seen these “mancaves” used during the reception as a place for the men in the family to escape for 20 minutes to smoke cigars and toast the groom. The Mavris Arts & Events Center in downtown Indianapolis has a private room built off its first floor gallery that is often used as the “mancave” prior to the ceremony and as the after party spot post-wedding reception. Complete with games, satellite, big screens and soft seating, this “mancave” is equipped for your best buds.Want some assistance while planning your big day? Consider hiring a wedding planner! Share your wedding personalization recommendations and photos with us on Facebook or Twitter! For more inspiration, check us out on Pinterest.