So you’ve made an account with Snappening, Indianapolis’ most comprehensive event planning resource, but now you’re not sure where to begin. Never fear, short and simple help is here! With this step-by-step guide to creating an event, you’ll be the city’s premier event planning guru in no time. Whether you’re planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a grand opening, a wedding reception or a trade show, Snappening has the tools to help you plan any of your events.
Creating an Event on Snappening
Practice makes perfect, so let’s create one together.

1.    Once you sign in to your account, you’ll be at your dashboard where you will see your calendar, an area for your favorite venues and planners, and an area for your events. Directly above your calendar, underneath the “My Events” section, you will see a button titled “Create an event”. Press this.
2.    Then you will be taken to an event description page where you can enter in a short summary of the event you are planning. Fill this in.
3.     After completing your summary, the large green buttons on the bottom right will direct you to the next steps, including adding “hosts and vendors”. It is here that you will have the ability to specify your minimum acceptable Snappening rating, your maximum price range per person at your event, the types of venues you are looking for, and any other needs you might be looking to meet. Complete your specifications.
4.    Once your event details are entered, Snappening will take you to the review page where you can double check your event information. If it all looks how you’d like it to appear, press the “create event” button at the bottom of the page and Voila! You just created your first event on Snappening! Now your event will show up in the “My Events” section of your dashboard.

5.    Don’t worry if you don’t know all the information – by creating the event, you’ll be able to access, edit and add content at any time moving forward via your Snappening dashboard.  This is a great way to save your event information and add details as you confirm more elements, add vendors, etc.
Requesting Quotes from Venues

Now that you’ve created your event, it’s time to map out your costs! Click on the event title in your “My Events” section. From here you can enter your specifications for both Indianapolis event venue and event planner searches.

•    For venues, enter the guest count, venue type, your zip code of interest and, if you want to, any important keywords – such as “outdoor” or “banquet room”. If you find you don’t get as many results as you’d like, expand your search by removing some of your criteria.
•    For event planners, enter the same info except swap out venue type and instead make note of any specific experience you want your event planner to have. Press search, and check out all your options.

As you scroll through your search results, you can and should save venues or planners as favorites. Each Indianapolis event venueor event planner that you mark as a “favorite” will be added to your list of venues and planners back on your Snappening dashboard. Once you have filtered through all your search results, return to your dashboard – It’s time to contact your newfound favorites!

With a free Snappening account you can contact your “favorite” Indianapolis event planners and event venues one by one but if you’re willing to invest in your account and looking to save some time, upgrade to an enhanced account and you will be able to contact them all at once. A time-saving feature that is definitely worth it! Don’t believe us?  We estimate that each event search on Snappening saves our users between 4 to 8 hours!

So, how do you request the quote? If the Indianapolis planner or venue profile fit what you are looking for, click the profile and then the “Contact  Venue” or “Request Quote” button in the upper right side of the screen.

Your event details will be sent right to them, and once received they can share their event quote with you. It’s a piece of cake!
Happy planning, Indianapolis!