Halloween is over. All the ghosts and goblins plastered across Indianapolis neighborhoods have been tucked away until next year. But not all Halloween items deserve the storage bin treatment. Your costume can be useful beyond October, with a little creativity.

Here’s how to give your spooky wardrobe more face time:

Host a New Year’s Eve costume party

Of course, a costume theme wouldn’t work for Indianapolis Super Bowl parties this February, but it can be a winning move for a New Year’s Eve party. Take the fun up a notch by hosting a masquerade ball. Invite guests to wear costumes and give prizes to the most creative outfit and cutest couple. Now that you have a theme for your New Year’s Eve party, all that’s left is a venue. Use Snappening.com to find a party location that’s just your style.
Gather and recycle

This could be an ideal time to swap costumes for next year. Call up your friends here in Indianapolis – especially those with the cool costumes – and ask them to participate in a post-Halloween costume swap. You and your friends can sort and recycle while watching a Colts game or after Thanksgiving dinner. Play
dress up!
If you’re a parent, your children will love costumes for dress-up time, especially on those cold, snowy days in Indianapolis when the novelty has worn off Christmas toys. You can join in the fun, too, if your costume is not too scary or racy.
Looking for a quick solution? Donate your costume to a thrift store. This smart move gives you more space to store Christmas gifts while giving back to your community.
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