Halloween doesn’t always have to be about monsters, mummies and ghosts. While the gruesome and gory side of Halloween does make for some frightening fun, there are many other ways to celebrate this treasured holiday. Now that we’re not children anymore, it’s time to ditch the rubber masks and celebrate in style with a high-end Halloween celebration. Play up the elegant, eerie and even historical aspect of Halloween for some classy fun with friends and family.

High-End Halloween Home Décor

Halloween Party Ideas - High-End Halloween Home Decor

There are plenty of ways to create high-end decorations using some inexpensive objects and a little craftiness. Adorn the mantle with paper lanterns featuring images of skeletons and skulls, antique plates with festive vinyl decals, small pumpkins or gourds and black candles on a pitchfork candleholder. Surround it all with some Spanish moss to complete the look. Hang up worn lace drapes around the windows and hang pictures of insects in simple black frames for an unexpectedly creepy embellishment. Cover a photo album with brown packing paper and label it “Book of Spells.” You can still decorate with black cats and witches, but steer clear from the stereotypical green skin and pointy hat and stick to the old-fashioned, gothic sorceress. For an edgy Edgar Allen Poe feel, buy an old birdcage from a thrift store, spray paint it black, fill it with some more Spanish moss and stick in a stuffed raven. For an earthy tone utilize lots of orange, yellow, and beige candles, pumpkins and flowers throughout the area. The key to attaining a high-end look and feel is to keep everything looking vintage.

High-End Halloween Costumes

Halloween Party Ideas - High-End Halloween Costume Ideas

An elegant Halloween costume can steal the show at your next Halloween party! Save the face paint and fake blood for the kids and consider some of these high-end adult costume ideas instead:

  • Chinese Empress: To become this royal figure, wear a long elegant dress that’s tight everywhere except for flowing long sleeves. It’s best to be made from silk in bold colors of reds pink and yellow with gold trims and embellishments. Accessorize with a tall, gold headdress complete with tassels and gems hanging down.
  • Glam-Pire: Put a feminine twist on a Halloween classic. Find a chic black dress, black cape, black lace gloves, and a good black wig. Apply some pale foundation and add some dramatic dark eye shadow with bright red lips.
  • Golden Goddess: This outfit is all about gold accents and accessories. Dress up a white dress with some gold jewelry and attach a vine of gold leaves to the top of your head. An open-toe sandal is a good finishing touch for this elegant costume.
  • Hollywood Star: You can’t think glamour and elegance without Marilyn Monroe coming to mind. Dress up in an elegant evening gown, faux fur and diamonds before you hit the red carpet with an Academy Award Oscar statue in hand.

High-End Halloween Parties

What’s Halloween without a Halloween party? Throw a ghoulish bash with your friends and family that will make the adults as excited as the kids! Some possible themes include:

  • Vampire Dinner Party: Host a dinner party with a blood-sucking theme. Decorate the dining room table with a black velvet tablecloth with red accents. Hang red cloth napkins from the table to resemble blood, put red drip candles on top of antique black candle holders and line them up in the center of the table. Stick blood red labels on wine bottles and possibly even serve up somevampire blood tomato soup as an appetizer.
  • Pumpkin Carving Party: Carving jack-o-lanterns is a Halloween classic that never gets old. Include delicious treats, such as decadent caramel apples, set out on a festive table covered in a playful spider web tablecloth. At the end of the day send your guests home with a pumpkin favor pouch by filling crepe paper pumpkins with tiny toys and candies!
  • Pirate Halloween Party: Invite some scallywags to join in on a party that they will always treasure! Serve vanilla cupcakes with pirate ship cupcake toppers, fill an old rum bottle with root beer to act as décor and refreshments and serve treats in treasure chests.
  • Witch Gathering: Create a tall grim centerpiece by filling a three-tier stand with various Halloween decor. This can include glittery skulls, bones, spray-painted Christmas ornaments and a silver witch’s hat. Place miniature skulls on the plates and bring out the crystal candle holders and wine glasses.

Get some assistance while planning your high-end Halloween party by hiring an event planner or hosting it at a local venue. Share your Halloween stories and ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter! For even more Halloween inspiration, check out our Spooky Halloween Parties pinboard on Pinterest!


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