Halloween snacks just got a little more frightful, except this time we are ditching the sugar for healthy Halloween snacks. Time to embrace the Halloween spirit with these freaky fruits, spooktastic pretzels, and sinister apples. Make your snack table something to scream about.

Healthy Halloween Snack #1: Freaky Fruits

Fruits can help get your goblins into the Halloween spirit too! Ditch the saturated fats and try some freaky fruit recipes to scare your party guests. Give pears fangs, bananas a “bootastic” appearance, or orange jack o’ lantern frightful faces.

Healthy Halloween Snack #2: Spooktastic Pretzels

Crunchy, salty and spooky pretzels bring Halloween snacks to the next level. Create bones, spiders and brooms perfect enough for a crooked-nose witch for your appetizer table. Bring the crunch without the sugar crash.

Healthy Halloween Snack #3: Sinister Apples

Snow White isn’t the only one to have stumbled upon a tempting apple. These fall fruits are the perfect way to round out your Halloween snacks, as well as provide an excuse to hit the orchard for an afternoon of picking. Transform apples into experiments gone wrong, shrunken heads and sharp fangs!

Guests will be screaming from the snack table to the front door with these fabulous Halloween recipes. For even more creepy recipes and Halloween décor ideas check out our Spooky Halloween Parties! pinboard on Pinterest. Also make sure to share your best tricky treats for Halloween on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Want to host a party without the tiring clean up the next day? Look no further than our event venue search to get haunted away from home!


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