Host a the Perfect Halloween Part at Home

Follow these simple tips to have a great Halloween party at home this year with Snappening and Confetti Party Plans.

The costumes have been purchased, the candy is waiting and now it’s time to party! Halloween is the perfect time of year to get a little creative with these quick and easy tips on hosting Halloween party at home for your favorite ghouls and boys!

Not sure how to host the perfect Halloween bash at your house? No problem.

That’s why we asked Allison Carter, founder of Confetti Party Plans, to help us walk through the details about how to create the perfect Halloween party with loads of charm, but minimal effort. She’s our special guest contributor for today’s post and the creative visionary behind all these fun touches.

Her Halloween Party Plan has all the ideas we’ll showcase in today’s post, along with the necessary links to purchase decor and supplies, recipes, free printables, cocktail ideas and more. Everything you need to pull off this home-based Halloween bash is all in one place to help ensure you have a BOO-tiful Halloween with your loved ones this year.


A great home-based Halloween party starts with key decor items.

Mix It Up

Halloween-Party-Ideas-2018-Party-Plans-SnappeningWhen it comes to Halloween decor,  Allison recommends mixing items that are themed with decor that can use throughout the Fall season.

Leaves, pumpkins, gourds, different shades of orange and even some black can take you from September through Thanksgiving. It’s nice to get a little more bang out of your buck with the bulk of your decor.

Here’s an example of a mixed-used Halloween and Fall seasonal decor display that would be a great addition to any home-based Halloween party. Little changes to your existing decor, like this letteboard changed to “Creep it Real” are great ways to really extend the shelf life of your best home decor elements all year long.

Don’t be afraid to add some bling

Halloween-Party-Ideas-2018-Party-Plans-Snappening-2These sequin pumpkins are one of Allison’s favorite Fall decor pieces that pull double duty and also work perfectly with her Halloween decor too.

There are certainly plenty of pre-made sequin pumpkins options around to buy, but the DIY is very simple, and completely kid friendly. Allison’s four-year-old actually helped make the ones pictured here.

All you’ll need to do the pumpkin designs yourself are: plain plastic pumpkins, sequins (you pick the color) and craft glue. A full video tutorial about how to recreate this design is  included in the Halloween Party Plan.

Build up your Halloween party decor stock


When it comes to themed decor, Allison like pieces that can be reused year after year that also store easily. (Because who doesn’t like saving a little more time every year and building on their home Halloween party decor toolbox?)

Halloween-Party-Ideas-2018-Party-Plans-Snappening-3Banners and garlands are perfect for this!

They are super easy to make so your creativity can run wild with this fun project. This is also a great way to get your kids involved in a simple craft. This candy corn garland is made out of paper plates Allison’s daughter colored with washable paint. The design was then cut into triangles.

How easy is that? If DIY isn’t your jam (no shame in that game!), there are SO many darling Halloween-themed banners on Etsy, or even at the Target Dollar Spot. Keep your eyes peeled!


Your Halloween party doesn't require a chef. Just a little imagination.

Surprising her family with festive food ideas is one of Allison’s favorite way to celebrate Halloween.

She loves thinking of fun ways to incorporate the holiday into her family’s favorite foods when she hosts her Halloween party at home. Some family-friendly hits for her ghoul crew have been: pumpkin quesadillas, spider sandwiches and mummy dogs.

Each of these also make for the perfect Halloween-inspired lunch, or a delicious dinner before trick or treating! Fast, easy, but super impactful!

Now, what’s Halloween without an intense sugar high?

Having the kids help make cupcakes, and then letting them top them with themed cupcake toppers is an easy, but adorable treat for Halloween.

Allison also loves making frosted brownies that the kids can sprinkle with all kinds of Halloween-themed candy, like colored sprinkles, eyeballs, M&Ms, etc. (Larger candy bars chopped up also works well.)

Another crowd pleaser?

Glazed donuts with eyeball sprinkles and fake vampire teeth in the middle to make monsters. Guaranteed to get a laugh and be gobbled up!

Pro tip! These ideas are perfect to bring to your kid’s school Halloween party. There are always sign-ups, so any of these are a great choice. Each one can be store-bought and then jazzed up with some decor for those schools with treat rules as well.


Hosting your Halloween party at home means you can do any activities you'd like.

Everyone knows trick or treating is the main activity for Halloween, but there are tons of other activities and games you can set up for your kids to celebrate this fun holiday.

One of Allison’s favorites is a Make Your Own Monster Slime station.

Lay out buckets for kids to mix their slime in, slime supplies, add-ins, and jars to decorate and let kids go to Halloween-town. They will love choosing their slime color, add-ins, and decorating their jars to look like monsters! This is a great party favor also!

Glow in the dark activities are also fun and a little spooky for Halloween. Set up glow in the dark bowling in your hallway with empty water bottles filled with water and a glow-stick. Guests can knock down the pins with a small stemless pumpkin. Lots more activity and game ideas to celebrate all month long as are included in Allison’s Halloween Party Plan.

Halloween is such a fun, creative holiday and there are so many opportunities to get your kids involved to make it just a little more magical this year.

Allison hosts a Halloween party at home for her kids and their friends every year, and has done so since her daughter was 5 months old. It’s one of her favorite traditions, and she’s always looking for unique decor, food and activity ideas that are quick, easy and kid-friendly.

Her kids are at the age where they want to help with the Halloween party now, so getting them involved in the planning and prep adds a new element of fun to the event. She’s also always in charge of her kids’ schools parties each year. (Sound familiar to any moms out there?)

She uses these same ideas when prepping for those Halloween parties too.

“The key,” Allison says, “is to keep it simple and manageable!”

If you are looking for more tips on making Halloween memorable this year, make sure to listen to Allison’s podcast, Memories in Moments. She’ll be sharing even more Halloween tips that are tangible and realistic for the everyday mom who wants to turn the volume up just a little bit more this year!


Allison Carter is the creator of Confetti Party Plans, a party-planning resource featuring guides and checklists for themed parties. She has helped hundreds of women around the world host stress-free memorable events through the help of her creative party plans. Allison saves her clients time, money and stress, all while highlighting how essential a plan is to success. She also hosts the podcast, Memories in Moments, where she offers moms tangible tips and unique ideas for creating family memories during special occasions, holidays and important milestones. Allison lives in Bothell, Wash. with her husband and two young children.