Congratulation on the new home! The entire home purchasing process, whether you build or buy an existing property, can be exhausting. Celebrate your new place with a housewarming party so that all your friends, family and new neighbors have a chance to see the digs…and you have a chance to unwind and have some fun! From party themes, to invites and gifts, we’ve got all the hottest housewarming party ideas here for you!

Housewarming Party Themes
Having a housewarming party theme gives you a way to organize décor, food, drinks and any activities around a particular idea or motif. Utilizing a theme can bring focus and add excitement to your housewarming party soiree. It can be as simple as a particular color scheme or as elaborate as a full-blown costume party. Take a look below at a few themes that would make for one rockin’ housewarming party:
Cultural: This can be as simple as focusing the food, drinks and décor on the selected culture or geographic region, or as elaborate as having guests dress in traditional garb. For example, you may choose a Mexican theme and focus food, drinks and décor on popular Mexican items. If you’d like to take it a step further, you could hand out sombreros and even have a piñata.
Costume: Dressing up may appeal to adults just as much as any children who may be attending. In the invite, request for guests to dress a certain way, such as gangsters, pirates, sports figure or favorite animal. Be sure to tailor the food, drinks, décor and any favors to the selected theme.
Colors: If you would like to go with a theme but don’t want to go overboard, consider focusing on one or more colors. This could be based on the season, such as orange, red, and brown for fall. Or you could select your favorite color, the color of the exterior of your home or the accent colors used to decorate your home’s interior.
Characters: Guests will be instructed to dress as their favorite characters. The theme could be historical figures, TV or movie characters or superheroes. Again, this is an attractive option for both children and adults alike.
Cocktails: If you’re looking for a fuse-free option, focus on the food and primarily the drinks. Set up an over-the-top self-serve bar with various drinks and garnishes, complete with recipe cards the guests can take home, if they enjoy one particular concoction. You may also include finger food-style appetizers for guests to enjoy throughout the party.

Housewarming Party Invitations
The invite can really set the tone for your housewarming party. If you’ve selected a theme for the party, be sure to include that as part of the invitation, along with any notes regarding dress or any other relevant information. If you want to get creative, make postcard invitations using a photo of the new house. This will help your guests to find the home more easily. As this is the first time many will be visiting, be sure to include detailed directions including a map, if possible. Creating a cleverly worded invite will entice guests to attend. If you will be registering at a retail store in preparation for the housewarming party, do include this information on the invite. Generally speaking, registries are most appropriate for first-time homeowners.

Housewarming Party Gifts
If you are hosting a housewarming party and would like for your guests to depart with a small gift as thanks for attending, it is completely acceptable but not required. A small memento of your gratitude is appropriate, such as gourmet chocolates or a bottle of wine. As a guest attending a housewarming party, it is always a welcome gesture to provide the hosts with a gift. If the new homeowner has registered at a store, that information is usually provided via word of mouth from the host or may be located on the invitation. Purchasing an item off a gift registry is a great way to know exactly what the host needs or wants for their new home. Or you may choose to gift the host with barware, a traditional houseplant, serving platter or bowl, artwork or a gift certificate to a home interiors or home improvement store.

If the planning becomes overwhelming, consider hiring an event planner to aid in your preparations. Share your housewarming party stories and photos with us on Facebook or Twitter! For even more inspiration, check out our Cocktail Parties & Dinner Parties board on Pinterest.