So you’re planning a gala? Gala events are fun, fancy, fantastic and typically have more people in attendance than a regular function. Thus, when it comes to selecting a gala venue, venue size is a major factor. Starting your gala event planning well in advance is of the essence—such a big event needs to be coordinated to allow guests to calendar the event, as well as your entire preparations event itself. Many professionals suggest starting as far as a year in advance to finalize catering, entertainment and the most important of all—the venue! Snappening has the perfect tools to help you find your gala venue, and it all starts with our venue search engine.

Step 1: What type of venue is best for your gala?

After selecting Indianapolis as your location, it’s time to figure out the type of venue your gala requires. There are many factors to consider when selected the proper gala venue. The first factor as we referenced before, is the size of your gala event. For a very large crowd, these Indianapolis venue types are ideal and available via

Step 2: Bring it inside or outside, or both?

Your next consideration is deciding whether to hold an indoor or outdoor event. Weather is, of course, always a concern, as is the date of your event. Snappening’s advanced search tool provides multiple resources to find indoor or outdoor spaces, as well as other helpful amenities such as handicapped accessibility, Kosher meals, venue style and catering preference.

Step 3: Who’s attending the gala?

The next consideration for a gala event venue is the age of attendees. This factor can affect not only venue options, but catering, entertainment AND the time frame of the event. If only adults are attending, and the guest list isn’t too large, a museum, historic building or winery might be the perfect setting! If children are welcome to the gala, make sure there are catering options available for all guests as mentioned above. Snappening makes planning a gala easy for all ages with search features for attendee ages such as under 18, 18+ and 21+ to help accommodate your every need.

Galas are large events with a lot to plan – make sure to check out Snappening’s event planner search to help you plan your gala, and be sure to share your experiences with us and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter for new venues for your gala!