Is your organization ready to tee off and plan a golf tournament? A big event like this can be a lot to conquer! With these tips from Snappening, you’ll be on the green in no time!

Golf Tournament Planning Tip #1: The Right Date and Location
Set a date AND a rain date. With so much planning going into one event, it would be a shame to have your tournament ruined by inclement weather. Be sure to speak with golf course management team about their rain date policies before finalizing your venue. Mark your calendar with important dates (such as final registration) to ensure you will have enough time to complete all other planning steps.

Book your venue early on! Confirming the golf course is the single most important element in planning a successful golf tournament. Once your venue is secured, you can finalize your date, catering and tournament rules. Don’t forget to keep the club’s managers included in the planning process to avoid any policy clashes. Also, golf course managers may have more experience with golf tournaments and will know what works and what doesn’t on their course.

Golf Tournament Planning Tip #2: Decide on Price Point
When deciding on participant fees, make sure to consider the cost of the event—factor in how much will be covered by sponsors or donors. Also, consider the purpose of the event. Is this tournament a fundraiser or just for fun? You may be able to charge higher fees if it is a fundraiser.

Golf Tournament Planning Tip #3: Contact Vendors & Sponsors
Get in touch with vendors and sponsors early. From the post-tournament dinner to player goodie bags, vendors and sponsors play a large role in building a successful tournament. Many golf tournaments end with dinner and a ceremony to recognize the winners. Other options include a boxed lunch, beverage cart and hole sponsors. Remember to have a variety of sponsorship levels to ensure you can include as many businesses as possible. Make a sponsor target list in advance so your team is asking the right partner about the right opportunity.

Golf Tournament Planning Tip #4: Collect Raffle Items
In addition to dinner, many tournaments include an auction—most commonly a silent auction. Auctions are a great way to raise money for a cause or to supplement future tournaments. You’ll want to begin collecting raffle or auction items right away in order to give businesses enough time to respond. If you have the budget, consider adding mobile auction technology to handle your auction so players can bid while they are on the course.

Golf Tournament Planning Tip #5: Market the Tournament
Once you have the details of the golf tournament determined and confirmed, it’s time to market your event. This step is integral to a successful outcome—without players there is no tournament! First, consider for the overall tournament goal. Is it a charity fundraiser, company retreat or just a fun, local event? Next, who are your sponsors and vendors and what are they adding to the tournament? What does the tournament offer them? Do you have special prizes to attract players? Let your community stakeholders know these details! Add an extra dose of fun by including a theme to your event and integrate it into your marketing.

When creating your marketing materials, don’t forget to consider your audience. While social media is always a great inexpensive way to connect with people, it may not be the most lucrative route. Town event boards and radio spots might just hit your target market. And never underestimate the power of word of mouth! If this tournament is an annual event, keep past golfers in the know—their accolades will play a huge part in spreading the word. Direct mail works great for targeted membership lists. Track what works well this year to refine your methods next year. Vary promo codes between marketing channels to monitor which tactics actually drove registration.

Where do you start when planning a big event like a golf tournament? Share your golf tournament planning tips with us onFacebook and Twitter. For more ideas, check out our Event Venues: Golf Courses and Corporate Events pinboards on Pinterest. If you need some extra help, visit our list of event planners to help you perfect your event!