The season of love is upon us once again. Time to show that special someone how much you care. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and a time when love has the potential to surround us all be it via a fun Valentine’s Day party or a special Valentine’s Day event that you organize for two or a group. There is no right or wrong way to show your other half just how much they mean to you. Whether you decide to stay in and have a quiet romantic night in Indianapolis, or spend the night at Valentine’s Day parties and events, Snappening can help you with all your Valentine’s Day wishes across the Circle City.
Spend the night out on the town in Indy!
Break away from that standard box of chocolates this year and try some new Valentine’s Day event or party ideas with the help of Snappening. If you are trying to rekindle the love, take just a few seconds to perform a quick Indianapolis event venue search on SnappeningSnappening is the perfect resource for great Valentine’s Day party and event planning ideas, restaurants and party locations. Show that special someone that this Valentine’s Day is going to be different. Indianapolis has so many great Valentine’s Day restaurants and special events to make your Valentine’s Day a night to remember. Some of our favorite Indianapolis-area Valentine’s Day dinner restaurants include:

If you feel like hitting the town and dancing the night away in each other’s arms we recommend Sullivan’s Steakhouse and their nightly jazz performances in the cocktail lounge.

Thinking of staying in for an intimate night!

For those new couples looking for that special Valentine’s Day idea, try creating a quiet romantic night by staying in and cooking your main squeeze their favorite meal. Little intimate gestures go a long way. End the night by cuddling up by the fire, exchanging gifts and watching your favorite romantic movie with the one you love. A spa night can really heat up your Valentine’s Day. Before your sweetheart gets home, draw a bubble bath filled with rose petals. Fill the bathroom with candles and have a glass of wine with some of your favorite chocolate treats ready by the side of the tub.

Spend the day with everyone you love!

Valentine’s Day parties are also a fun way to spend the night not only with your other half but also with all the other special people in your life. Start by sending out invitations well in advance and providing your family and friends with plenty of time so they do not make any of their own Valentine’s Day plans. Valentine’s Day parties allow for a wide variety of food choices. Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day so try serving chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. There are so many fun Valentine’s Day games that can bring you and your significant other, as well as all your other favorite couples, closer together. Know your Mate is a great Valentine’s Day party activity. Some other Valentine’s Day game favorites are The Kissing Game and Roll a Ball. Try any one of these fun party games at your next Valentine’s Day party to keep all of your guest’s hearts pumping!!

Whatever way you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day make sure you are with the people you love and the ones who truly love you in return!