Sweet tooth ready? Check. Costume? Check. Halloween spirit? Check. Epic photos to never forget Halloween? Ummm…. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Check out our tips to make your own epic Halloween photo shoot. Don’t let another Halloween pass without adding pazzaz to your photos.

Halloween Photo Shoot Idea #1: Awesome Costumes

The first (and most important) step to all great Halloween photos is awesome costumes. Steal the spotlight with your costume whether it’s cute, scary or classic. Own it! Costumes with attention to detail will add more visual interest to your photographs.

Halloween Photo Shoot Idea #2: Simple Background

The background should add to the photo, but not be the main focus. If you’re inside, choose a plain or brick wall with minimal details to lessen distractions. If you’re outside, embrace the colors of fall with beautiful trees or a simple front porch background. With a minimal backdrop, your picture will focus on the costumed individuals who bring life to the shot.

Halloween Photo Shoot Idea #3: Minimal Props

Remove any distractions from the frame, such as furniture or decorations. By eliminating these, the people in the picture will reflect the Halloween spirit instead of the objects around them. Embrace a single jack ‘o lantern, bale of hay or trick-or-treat bag.

Halloween Photo Shoot Idea #4: Lighting

Halloween is meant to be eerie. Take pictures at dusk or in dim lighting. This way the background will bring a sense of dark, mystery and intrigue. Another way to accomplish this effect is through different filters on your pictures. Some great ones to try are sepia or black and white.

Halloween Photo Shoot Idea #5: Expressions of all Types

Smile for the camera! Mix up the variety of expressions for Halloween photos. Make scary faces, frightful grimaces, fierce looks in different directions and, of course, beautiful smiles. This will bring different dimensions to one costume and a day full of trick-or-treats, where you never know what is around the corner.

Get your camera ready because your pictures are going to be epic this Halloween. Continue making your Halloween larger-than-life by checking out our Spooky Halloween Parties! pinboard on Pinterest to get even more crazy Halloween ideas. Also, share your photo shoot with us on Facebook and Twitter. Want a second opinion on decorations and party planning? Bring in an expert through our event planner search!


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