It’s not always easy to entertain guests, which is why we are bringing you a few ideas to show your hostess with the most-ess some love!  Here are four great gift ideas so you don’t forget about thanking your HOST in some practical and fun ways!

H: Help warm ‘em up! Hot chocolate gift sets are an easy, personal gift to give your host. Pick up your favorite hot cocoa mix, some marshmallows and put it all together in a fun, festive tin. Old school lunch boxes are always a hit! If you want, add some peppermint candy canes to the set for extra flair and flavor!

O: Offer up some appealing scents! In addition to Yankee Candle and other popular home scent havens, dip-dye candles are a great way to add a crafty touch to a traditional gift! Buy solid-colored candles, some beeswax and get your favorite box of crayons. Just melt the beeswax, add crayon shavings and dip your candles. Now you have a cute, homemade gift to brighten any room! These candles give you a fun and unique craft to do on the not-so-nice winter days.

S: Satisfy their sweet tooth!  Bring your hostess pie in a jar from Lisa’s Pie Shop! Apple, apricot, peach, blueberry, cherry and strawberry rhubarb are some of the flavors we love and are available year round. All the necessary ingredients come in the jar and your hostess can enjoy a delicious treat that was as easy as pie! Get it?

T: Treat your hostess with some bath teas! Buy some heat-sealable tea bags and pick a few calming scents like lavender, chamomile or lemon verbena. Just add one-fourth cup of your scent to each bag. Then put your tea bags in a mason jar and add a decorative ribbon! After a great party, what better way to reward your hostess than with an at-home spa treatment?

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