Businesses have been using Pinterest to draw traffic to company websites by providing pictures of products, services, infographics, and much more. Now, there is a new way for corporations to use Pinterest for corporate events. The following ideas highlight ways Pinterest can be incorporated into your next business bash.
Create a Private Board for Corporate Event Planners
After being invited by the pinboard owner to view and edit it, planners from anywhere in the world can co-pin onto the private board. It gives corporate event planners the opportunity to collect information about past events, event themes, décor, food, guest speakers, and any other special things that will be offered at the event. You can also pin any blogs, articles, or press releases related to guest speakers or clients at the event. At any time, planners have the option of making the private board public.
Create a Special Board for Speakers, Attendees, and Sponsors
Creating a pinboard that speakers, attendees, and sponsors can participate in before, during, and after the event will generate more buzz and will add to the value of the experience after it has occurred. You can include pictures of attendees, event speakers, sponsors, their products and services, and create some great recaps once the event is over. Don’t forget that a pinboard created now may also inspire future event attendance.
Promote Your Silent Auction with Pinterest
If your corporate event includes a silent auction, this pinboard is a unique and creative way to extend its reach virtually. Silent auctions that utilize the latest technology with online bidding can be featured via captivating photos of auction items. If a user clicks on the pin, they will be directly led to the auction site where they can place a bid or see other auction items.
Create an Activity and Incentives Board

This board gives you a chance to have some fun with Pinterest users. Attendees can check this board before the even happens to get an idea of what the event’s host city has to offer. You can include local restaurants, entertainment, shopping, landmarks, and whatever else you think would be of interest to your attendees. This board also gives you the opportunity to showcase incentives that will be offered at your event.
Consider hiring a professional event planner to help organize your corporate event. Snappening also provides an extensive venue search to aid you in finding the best location for your event.
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