Wondering how to begin planning an impressive Indianapolis bachelor party? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you what’s hot and how to achieve the ultimate party to celebrate the groom’s last days of bachelor-life freedom!

Go-karting, golfing, poker, bowling, paintball, laser tag, camping and other outdoor or sport-related activities are some of the ways to have a good time at a bachelor party. The best bachelor parties are the ones that include a good mix of activities the groom-to-be enjoys and a social component, like dinner, drinks or barhopping. Check out our five creative suggestions below that fit the bill for an unforgettable celebration!

Idea #1: Mr. Sports Nut

He may be getting married, but one thing won’t change…his love of sports! Plan the weekend around a major sporting event: at home, you could see the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field or catch a heart-pounding Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium. If a road trip is what you’re after, make the jaunt to catch the Cubs at Wrigley Field, or enjoy a Cincinnati Reds day game. This works for any sportfrom hockey to soccer and any sport in between! Instruct the guys to meet at a centrally located hotel near the stadium or ballpark. Enjoy a satisfying meal at a well-known eatery or for a more casual vibe, head to a sports bar before or after the big game.

Idea #2: 18-Hole Hero

If the groom is an avid golfer, consider either a golf outing or even a weekend excursion to a sunny destination. Assuming the weather is appropriate locally, select a pristine course where the beer flows freely and there are plenty of nearby dining options for after your round. If the idea of getting out of town sounds appealing, check out Palm Springs, California, home of PGA West, Desert Dunes, and Bob Hope.

Idea #3: Winner, winner…

If you can’t pull off a crazy weekend trip, enjoy the debauchery of Sin City at home! Host a casino night where the guys play poker, blackjack and roulette. Include a fully stocked bar or keg and plenty of greasy “man food” like pizza, burgers and wings. Need special casino equipment and props? Check out Party Time Rental for a complete list of casino night possibilities!

Idea #4: Fine Dining Dude

The groom may be more sophisticated and gravitate toward a refined environment. In this case, plan a private dinner at an elegant steakhouseor any other dining establishment serving the groom’s favorite food. Often times a personalized menu can be predetermined, specific to your tastes. The meal could conclude with a few rounds of cigars and after-dinner cocktails in the bar or lounge area.

Idea #5: Grilling and Games

What male doesn’t love a great BBQ with their buddies? Guys and grilling go hand in hand and nothing’s easier than throwing some burgers, chicken or steaks on the grill. Include lawn games like cornhole, ladder ball toss or horseshoes to get everyone in the competitive spirit. The fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down. Invite the guys indoors and break out Xbox, PS3 or the Wii to continue with the friendly rivalry.

The party options are endless, but should always be tailored to the preferences of the groom and groomsmen. If you need some help in pulling off a great bash for your pal, we offer the most comprehensive list of event planners and Indianapolis venues available.

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