This St. Paddy’s Day, keep your plans to celebrate the luck o’ the Irish in Indy the only way you know how—at one (or multiple!) of Indy’s abundance of Irish bars and pubs. On the off chance you decide to have one too many Nutty Irishmen, we want to be sure you’re prepared with a full stomach. Before the big night out, invite your guests over for an Irish-inspired dinner!
Simply Green
Keep the décor simple. Collect a variety of different sized green glass bottles (think wine bottles, Perrier Sparkling Water bottles, etc.) Remove the labels with warm soapy water, and if any glue is still stuck on the bottle, it can easily be removed with Goo Gone. Place all of the bottles in the center of the table and place a single stem of viburnum (a green and cream colored flower that blossoms in the spring and is native to the Midwest) in each vase. Sprinkle shamrock shaped confetti around the table for an extra flare.
Time to Eat
If your friends are like our friends, then they will be eager to hit the pubs. Keep dinner straightforward and filling by serving corned beef sliders and potato pancakes. We saw some tasty recipes for these traditional Irish dishes with zing on The Food Channel’s website and  Wash down your Irish meal with what else? Guinness! Or, for your guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages with their meal, green lemonade. For dessert, finish with Chocolate Guinness Cake, a Nigella Lawson classic recipe that’s one for the books! This rich, made-with-real-Guinness recipe is sure to make everyone feel warm inside.
Safety First!
Have a cooler-full of water bottles for some pre-game hydration. Don’t forget to line up rides downtown, whether it’s a cab or your own personal designated-driver, make safety a priority! Have some extra room in your budget? Hire a limo or party bus complete with an ice bucket full of your favorite St. Paddy’s Day beer!
Be sure to offer “second rounds” to those who can handle it, and now that we think of it, those that can’t, too! Now you and your guests are ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like a true Irishman! Shamrock n’ roll!
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Today’s Blog Author: Crystal Grave