Many brides are opting to use mint for their wedding, and with good reason. Mint is a subtle color, giving your wedding color scheme a more relaxed feel while still being elegant and sophisticated. The color you choose for your big day is important, and we want to make sure to give you all the different ways to incorporate mint into your wedding so that it will be perfectly intertwined.
Mint Floral
To create a minty bouquet, less is more. Pair baby’s breath and lamb’s ear with white peonies to capture a modern look. You may use the same concept when choosing or making your own centerpieces by pairing greenery with simple white flowers to make the colors pop. Gather mint julep cups to place the flowers in for a unique DIY centerpiece.
Mint Fashions
Since mint has become so popular this year, it’s not hard to find mint clothes, shoes, and accessories. Perhaps one of the biggest ways to incorporate mint into your wedding is by choosing it as your color for bridesmaid dresses or for the flower girl dress. Traditionally, the bride is in white, but you can still get playful with a mint shoe or accessory. Consider a small necklace, earrings, or even a mint headpiece. You can use the color as much as you want when it comes to fashion on your big day, making it the signature color or just as a subtle pop.
Mint Décor
To create a nice contrast for décor, it often works very well to pair mint with another wedding color such as light pink, peach, yellow, white or gold. Consider a mint table cloth for the reception tables and use your other color of choice for plates, napkins and some floral arrangements. Or, use a white linen table cloth and then use mint as the color for all of the tabletop décor from napkins to flowers. If you are providing your own chairs at the reception, or are searching for chairs, consider chairs that are mint-colored. It’s a forgotten way to use mint, but is a beautiful contrast from the white table cloth. Think about using mint-colored vases or a vase of a different color with a mint ribbon tied around it for centerpieces.
Mint Cakes and Desserts

Consider mint green frosting for your wedding cake, with edible white flowers or a design of your choice. You may also offer other mint-inspired desserts like cookies, cupcakes, and macaroons. Try to provide at least a couple of different dessert flavor options, but don’t forget to try some minty desserts to tie the color into the flavor as well. You can use mint-flavored frosting, or place little candies on each table. Personalized tins of mints also make for cute party favors.
Mint green is a beautiful wedding color that will be appealing to the eye, and fun to tie into flavorful treats for your big day. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate mint into your day to make it is bold or as subtle as you would like. Don’t forget if you need help planning your fantasy wedding, Snappening is here for you. Consider hiring a professional event planner to help create a minty masterpiece, or if you still haven’t found your wedding venue, check out our venue search option.
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