Baby showers, in their various forms, have been part of showering expectant mothers with gifts to prepare for their new bundles of joy for thousands of years. . Originally, celebrations associated with childbirth and pregnancy took place. Later, these celebrations took the form of parties to help spread the costs of the first child’s basic necessities. Today a newer trend, Jack and Jill (or couples) showers, has emerged. These more modern showers are inclusive of both men and women so everyone can celebrate the baby that will soon be joining everyone’s lives. This is a collection of 20 amazing Jack and Jill baby shower ideas and themes everyone can enjoy.

Theme #1: Baby-Q

Thanks to Kate Aspen we were able to find this adorable Baby-Q shower theme. Everything about this theme is great for getting everyone involved in the shower. We love the customized labels that match the theme; they’re a great addition that many people may not remember to incorporate. We also like the small details, such as the chalkboard food labels. All of these touches this baby shower so much character and ensure that everyone enjoys celebrating with the mother-to-beincluding the most macho griller of the group.

Theme #2: Winnie the Pooh

Disney created many classic children’s books, shows and movies. However, one that really stands the test of time is Winnie the Pooh. Why not have a baby shower theme based around America’s favorite bear? This theme uses a lot of neutral colors, and everyone at the shower has some kind of history with the characters so it’s hard not to love this theme. Our personal favorite touch is the figurines used as a table centerpieces.

Theme #3: Rain “Shower”

What better theme for a baby shower than a literal shower? Our favorite aspect (which is also an essential) is the rain cloud above the food. Another added touch incorporated all the clouds added to the food and straws. Your guests will be rather surprised by this theme, especially since it is not seen very often and is a fun spin on a baby showerrain or shine.

Theme #4: Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t read at least one Dr. Seuss book during their lifetime? We found the perfect Dr. Seuss baby shower. No one will forget Green Eggs and Ham, so of course our favorite part were the “green eggs and ham” M&M pretzels. We love that the foods correspond with different books, and an image of the front cover of the book is placed near the food item.

Theme #5: Nautical

We found a fun “Out to Sea” nautical theme. Having a dress-up photo booth will get everyone into the theme and ready to celebrate the baby. Our favorite element of this theme is the three-tiered drink tower. We also love all of the nautical decorations and food that were added to the tables. Anyone can captain this party with the right tools.

Theme #6: Baby Carriage

A baby carriage theme is a great idea, because every baby will ride in a carriage. We recommend you choose two colors as your main palette and add carriage accents. We love the baby carriage cookies that Sugar Coated Candy & Desserts added.

Theme #7: Cirque Du Bebe

What’s more fun than a circus? This cirque du bebe theme will have everyone laughing and enjoying each other. Choosing bright colors brings an exciting atmosphere, which will help everyone really enjoy their time together. We liked that tickets were used as decorations, but you could also use them as a raffle if you’re planning on having one at your shower. If you are going to have an outdoor shower you could also add a “circus tent” set up to provide extra shade.

Theme #8: Children’s Books

Books are essential when raising a child. This children’s book theme is playful, entertaining and educational. Similar to the Dr. Seuss theme, we encourage you to make food that coordinates with different children’s books. Our favorite is the reference to “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” with cookies and milk placed in front of a copy of the book. You can refer to the Time’s Top 100 Best children’s books of all time for ideas on what books to use for your theme.

Theme #9: Vintage

Some people would prefer to go with a classic look. We love Leigh Anne Wilke’s vintage baby shower theme. You can find a lot of vintage things either from family members or thrift stores. Our favorite is the use of a quilt for a tablecloth—it ties everything together and adds extra character to your shower.

Theme #10: Sports

Many fathers are wishing for an all-star when they find out they’re going to have a child. You can celebrate the future all-start with this sports-themed shower. Our favorite part of this theme is the decorated foods, such as the football strawberries. There is an endless amount of possibilities with this themeyou can turn almost anything into a sports-related object.

Theme #11: Bun in the Oven

A fun play on words, this bun in the oven theme is a great way to celebrate. We love the oven on the table with cupcakes spilling out. Add more interactive elements with this theme by handing out recipe cards and asking guests to write a new recipe for taking care of a “new bun,” and adding which kitchen it came from so the parents know who gave them the advice.

Theme #12: All White

For a very classic and elegant look we encourage you to consider going all white. This theme is great for everyone to enjoy as well as an excellent gender-neutral look. We love the variety of white treats that were provided for this shower. It really helps with keeping the white theme and makes everything look fresh. You can also consider asking guests to dress in a specific color if you want to add another unique element to this event design.

Theme #13: Baby Jungle

If you want to have a fun and wild baby shower try a baby jungle theme. We really enjoyed how playful this theme was with all of the different animal decorations that were used. Our personal favorite is the towel animal.

Theme #14: Baby is Brewing

A baby is brewing theme is a unique way to celebrate the baby. Although this idea shows a tea party, an alternative that we recommend is to have a beer tasting shower. However you’ll need to make sure you get some non-alcoholic beer or an alternate beverage for the mother-to-be and any other guests who may not like beer.

Theme #15: She’s about to Pop!

Since baby showers are normally thrown near the end of a pregnancy, everyone knows mom is getting ever-closer to her due date. Why not embrace this idea and have a “she’s about to pop” baby shower? We love that this theme uses all pop-related foods, such as popcorn chicken and lollipops.

Theme #16: Buttons

Babies are known as being cute as a button. Why not have a button-themed baby shower? We loved Delightfully Details buttons color scheme, which was grey and yellow. You could also use any variety of colors for your shower. Buttons are the central décor element throughout this theme – so go wild.

Theme #17: Rubber Ducky

Rubber duckies are used in baby baths all the time. Why not bring this simple bath toy into the shower and have a rubber ducky-themed shower? Miss Petel’s rubber ducky baby shower ensured that this party was definitely something to quack about.

Theme #18: Black & Gold

If you want to have a simple yet elegant baby shower we found the perfect black and gold-themed baby shower. We recommend you use black as the main color and gold as the accent to really make everything pop. Our favorite part of this theme is the gold mason jars that were used in a variety of ways. If you want to elevate or update the look, consider silver, copper or rust as an accent color as well.

Theme #19: Lil' Sunshine

Why not have a bright shower with a lil’ sunshine baby shower theme? This theme is great for any time of year and will bring in a lot of light with all the yellow and white. We love the background placed on the table with hanging yellow streamers and sun shining down on the food in the middle.

Theme #20: Bee – Sweet as can Bee or What will it Bee?

For this theme there are two alternatives we love— “Sweet as can Bee” or “What will it Bee.” The main idea is to amp up your bumble bee flare, just changing the wording slightly depending on which theme you’d prefer. Our favorite aspect of this theme is the honeycomb table backdrop. You can use this backdrop for either the food or gift table.

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