You have everything in place to host the best holiday party Indianapolis has ever seen. Perfect venue? Check. Great menu? Check. What about a party ice breaker to jumpstart the fun?
Whether you host a holiday party at a downtown Indianapolis hotel or an intimate New Year’s Eve celebration with friends, ice breakers, or interactive activities, ease nervous energy and quickly creates a fun, festive environment for guests to mingle. Here are a few ideas from Snappening to get your Indianapolis holiday party off to a fun start:

Hey, Mr. DJ!
 A DJ, if you hire one for your party, is the perfect person to ramp up the excitement. Schedule breaks for the DJ to interact with guests by calling out unmarried friends for a fun rendition of  Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” or invite everyone to participate in a holiday line dance. Include a game of “Santa’s Helper,” by selecting two groups of four to wrap empty boxes of gifts as fast-paced Christmas music plays in the background. When the music stops, the group with the most items in Santa’s stocking wins a prize.
Bingo, anyone?
Play this game for all ages with a holiday twist. Guests will search for one person to fit each of the nine holiday-themed topics on the bingo card. The first guest to list three people that fit topics across, diagonal or down on the bingo card wins the game. Topics could include:
  • I stood in line for hours at Wal-Mart on Black Friday
  • Shh! I’m a holiday scrooge
  • I tried the tongue on the pole trick after watching A Christmas Story
  • Yes, my date for New Year’s Eve will be Dick Clark
These are just a few ideas. Whatever ice breaker you choose for your holiday party, just make it fun, creative and specific to your guests. Always remember that you don’t have to plan a party alone. Snappening offers a comprehensive listing of Indianapolis event planners to help you create a memorable celebration.
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