It’s almost the end of summer, Snappeners, and what better way to celebrate than planning a relaxing Labor Day weekend getaway?

No matter how big or small, near or far, last-minute Labor Day weekend getaways can be a perfect way to unwind over a long weekend and prepare for the fine celebrations of fall such as tailgating parties, picnics in the leaves and fabulous fall festivals.

Here are four (4) tips for planning a Labor Day weekend getaway you’ll remember well into winter.

1. Determine who’s going.

A family affair or friend-cation? That is the question.

Before you can figure out the other details of your trip, it’s always good to figure out how many people are going and if it will be a family-only event or a welcome celebration among friends.

There are pros and cons for each.

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Family Forever:

  • Getting away with your immediate family can be a great way to bond and spend time together.
  • Expanding your guest list to include extended family can be an excuse to get the family together for a family reunion.
  • Renting a place to stay might be more expensive if you choose to only include immediate family.
  • Coordinating the logistics with multiple family members could get tricky — especially if not everyone wants to stay in the same place or do the same things.

Fabulous Friends:

  • Planning a Labor Day weekend getaway with friends can be a great time to reconnect if you haven’t seen each other in a while.
  • Labor Day weekend is also a great time to plan a reunion between friends because most people will have a little extra time off on Labor Day, making the pace a little more relaxed.
  • Renting a large cabin or lake house can be less expensive because it’s split between multiple parties.
  • Coordinating the logistics with multiple parties (even friendly ones) can get tricky if not everyone is on the same page.

Whether it is a family-only event or a friendly celebration, the one trick to a successful getaway is planning it with the people you love.

2. It’s all about location, location, location.

Labor Day weekend getaway options can vary depending on where you live. Whether you’re close to the mountains, the water, the city or the forest, there are a variety of Labor Day getaway options.

Here are some ideas for your last-minute Labor Day weekend getaway:

Determining how many people will be coming and what kind of atmosphere you’d like will also help you determine where to go.

Camp or glamp in a nearby state park. Here are some of the best places to get your “glamp” on in North America.

Rent a cabin. Here are the top ten (10) places to rent a cabin according to HomeAway.

Rent a beach house. Learn about the top fifteen (15) locations to rent a beach house from TripAdvisor.

Rent a lake house. Check out the top ten (10) destinations for lake house rentals from Family Vacation Critic.

Explore a nearby city. Check out the top ten (10) cities in the US to visit according to Escape Here.

Host a Labor Day reunion at a local event venue, like the Indianapolis Propylaeum featured in this image.  Use Snappening’s custom venue search tool to find the perfect location.

3. Plan activities.

Planning some simple outdoor party games and other outdoor activities can help make your Labor Day getaway even more enjoyable.

Depending on where you decide to go and how many people are coming with you, activities can range from large-scale excursions to low-key hangouts. Some people enjoy going kayaking or canoeing on a lake, while others enjoy playing board or card games on the deck of a rented cabin. Maybe you’d like to explore a nearby city or attend a local festival

If you want to try something new, always ask a local. They’ll have some great ideas you probably have never thought of! They’ll also know the best places to eat and explore.

Even if your primary goal is to relax, consider bringing a few games or writing down a few ideas just in case. A collection of your favorite books – ones you can swap with each other during the weekend, may also be a fun evening reprieve from the demands of a sunny, fun-packed day of celebrating.

4. Don’t forget about food.

Depending on where you’re going, it might be necessary for you to bring your own food for this bustling three-day weekend. Sometimes, it can be easier to go grocery shopping closer to home and travel with coolers than trying to find a nearby option when you don’t know the area. Other times, the adventure of exploring is part of the fun.

Be aware of local grocery store options or restaurants so you can grab food wherever and before anyone turns into a “hangry” monster. Researching those options in advance might help you decide how much food you need to bring with you and how much you can purchase when you get there.

The great thing about food is that it brings people together whether you’re making a home-cooked meal or going out to eat with the whole family. Knowing what options you have will create pleasant environments and happy (full) stomachs.

A last-minute Labor Day weekend getaway can be a perfect way to unwind over a long weekend and bond with loved ones. Use these 4 tips to plan a getaway that’s high on fun and low on stress.

Thinking about hosting a Labor Day reunion at an event venue? We can help. Check out Snappening’s robust event venue search tools for a long list of reunion location ideas.

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