It’s time to pick out colors, hang decorations and find some bow ties and dresses! It’s time for a charming and creative lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender wedding ceremony that’s nearly as beautiful as the couple! These LGBT wedding ideas are sure to amaze your guests and help create a day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.
LGBT Wedding Etiquette   
We celebrate progress for the long-awaited point where LGBT weddings are (mostly) alive and thriving! Same-sex and transgender weddings are unique situations while planning, because some traditional rules may not apply. Who gives away the bride when there is more than one? Who walks down the aisle, who waits at the altar when there are two grooms? We’re here to help make your wedding a little less stressful with some helpful LGBT wedding etiquette assistance.
If you want your dad(s) to walk you down the aisle, then do it! Simply create an aisle wide enough to fit four people—the groom and groom or bride and bride, and both your dads! Most event venues will work with you to easily do this! If you don’t want both members of the wedded couple to walk down the aisle together, choose one soon-to-be-spouse to wait for their love at the altar. When it comes to the wedding party, don’t feel restricted by expectations or outdated traditions—choose your brides, grooms and wedding party however you wish! A groom can have multiple best men, groomsmen, or maids of honor, as can the bride. The sky is the limit!
Since wedding ceremonies have a reputation for being a bit traditional, customize your special day to fit your special future by writing your own vows. This ensures your wedding reflects both of you as a couple, rather than trying to fit a fabulous wedding into some traditional box. Not to mention, personalized vows are extra romantic. When it’s time for that big moment, the “I do’s,” have your officiant, priest or whomever consider the phrase “I now pronounce you partners for life” if “husband and husband” or “wife and wife” doesn’t match your unique style. These tips will help the ceremony flow, and take some stress out of planning every detail when you may not know how!
 Creative LGBT Wedding DIY’s 
One fun way to incorporate a charming theme into your LGBT wedding is utilizing “Mr. and Mr.,” “Mrs. and Mrs.,” or “Mr. and Mrs.” in your décor and invitations. We love the idea of creating your own unique signs with personalized designs to point guests to the ceremony area, or to the reception. Using chalkboard paint and designing these marital signs, banners, and tabletop settings is a cute and trendy way of displaying your new title as married spouses. At the reception, remind guests how they can support gay rights while celebrating by setting up a table where donations can be made to the Human Rights Campaign. Their well-known equal symbol is easy to print and stick on jar(s) for guests to donate, and the donations can go to helping ensure more LGBT weddings happen!
Another fun idea? Setting up a bow tie bar inside your venue for a Mr. and Mr. wedding, where guests can walk up and pick out their very own bow tie to adorn for the reception celebration! Make sure to offer a wide variety of designs and patterns that reflect the vast creativity and diversity of the crowd itself. And for a Mrs. and Mrs. wedding? Adorable “I’m with the Bride(s)” pins for guests to take and wear for the reception can be so much fun.
Now for the decor: at least in Hollywood, the “traditional” idea of wedding planning involves the bride making all the decisions, and the groom saying “Whatever you want.” But what about when there are two people with great taste who want to be involved in planning the wedding? Have no fear—as we’ve discussed, tradition and all the boring “rules” that seem to be associated with marriage go out the window when planning an LGBT wedding bash! Use two colors in your wedding design scheme: both partners’ favorite colors!
Celebrate the Rainbow
The ‘Freedom Flag’ of all colors of the rainbow is synonymous with LGBT rights, pride and diversity. If you prefer, a wedding offers the perfect moment to celebrate it. Weave the rainbow into your celebration to show some visual pride and add color to your special day. One of our favorite ideas is incorporating rainbow colors in the ceremony. Tie colorful chair sashes on standard white chairs.
Another creative way to celebrate the rainbow and all it stands for on your special day? With the wedding cake! The cake cutting is a beautiful moment of the ceremony witnessed by all in attendance, and as such, we love the idea of having the rainbow on the inside of your cake! While this surprise-on-the-inside rainbow cake may look complicated, you can actually make it yourself or show it to your wedding cake designer. Another fun cake idea? Try using the rainbow theme on the outside of your cake instead, paired with the aforementioned rainbow ceremony seating for consistency. We like the idea of having cascading rainbow flowers or butterflies.
Remember, utilizing the rainbow is NOT synonymous with a gay or transgender wedding! Just because your nuptials are LGBT, does not mean you automatically have to make your theme loudly LGBT-themed as well. Check out our Wedding Designs pinboard on Pinterest for all kinds of additional themes, ideas and a variety of design inspiration!
Now that your soul mate and you have some charming and romantic LGBT wedding ideas, make sure your venue is as perfect as the rest of your wedding with our event venue search, and if you don’t want to be the one stressing about planning and implementing all these fun ideas, find your wedding planner effortlessly with our wedding planner search tool as well! Share your wedding, reception and everything in between with us on Facebook or Twitter and remember, #LoveisLove!