The weather couldn’t be any hotter! Give your friends and family a reprieve from the heat by hosting a pool party at your home, neighborhood pool, country club or any other aquatic venue! Here are a few incredible tips and ideas for throwing a splashin’ fun pool party:


Set the stage with invites printed on aqua paper, summer inspired, with a nautical or beach theme. Consider sending a packaging tube with blue confetti and inexpensive diving rings for your guests.


Play a non-stop selection of tropical tunes such as Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley or the Beach Boys to keep the party rocking.
Be sure to include bug spray and sunscreen so your guests can re-apply as needed. Also, make sure you have enough chairs and even a shaded space for those who want to avoid the sun or take a breather without getting burned.


Stock up on beach balls for pool volleyball, floats and water guns. You may even be interested in floating beer pong or pool baseball. Place a few underwater cameras around the pool so guests can take snapshots of the revelry.


Think about serving food buffet style so that you can enjoy the fun without slaving in the kitchen. Serve food and drink that will be cool and refreshing. Serve a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like, water, lemonade, iced tea and soda, along with scrumptious cocktails like the pink fizzy or Cayman lemonade. Set out tortilla chips and salsa to be munched on throughout the day. Try mango and shrimpor Thai chicken wraps as an easy to eat main course, with Greek salad and fresh fruit skewers. Satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down with afrozen banana pop or fruit popsicles.


Send guests home with an after-sun body lotion or aloe vera wrapped in a cello bag and a tag thanking them for attending. Everyone loves a thoughtful and useful party favor!

If you’d like help in coordinating your pool party, consider hiring an event planner to aid in your preparations. Share your pool party ideas and photos with us on Facebook or Twitter! For even more inspiration, check out our Summer Party Ideas board on Pinterest.