Making your event venue stand out amongst an industry full of other great venues may seem like a daunting task. However, there’s a good chance your venue already has multiple unique qualities that can set it apart from the rest, or that the space has the capability to support many more amenities that clients would find valuable. One of the most important things you can do as a venue manager is to create individual elements that will make your venue more memorable for clients, and to do so you need to know the reasons your client is using the space. In order to make your venue outstanding, we have compiled three different ways clients could be using a venue–corporate meetings or events, social gatherings and weddings. Today’s blog focuses on ways you can capture more of each of these types of event venue rentals for your business.
Event Type #1: Corporate Events
What kind of  natural or artificial lighting options are available at your venue? Corporate meeting planners may want access to dim lighting so people feel more relaxed, or they may want bright and stimulating lighting to inspire people to think creatively. There has been research on the concept that physical environment will affect the psychological experience, so keep the meeting objective in mind when setting up the lighting, tables, chairs and other meeting essentials. Also, the supplies needed at corporate meetings or events can be quite different from what’s required for other types of events. Offering the supplies the client needs as a part of  your venue package could differentiate you from other venues. For example, is it necessary for you to provide corporate-facing materials like flip charts, markers, white boards, AV or video conferencing? Are you offering incentives for corporate meeting planners to book their corporate meetings and conferences with you? Are you clearly communicating your “Corporate Event Package” online via your website and in other marketing materials? Help planners and corporate employees imagine themselves more readily in your space with these tools.
Event Type #2: Social Events & Celebrations
Think about what specific elements your clients are looking for so that your venue will better connect with the event. Will the crowd be young and looking for a modern space or do they have a tendency to be more traditional? Will they be more price-focused or amenities-focused? Once you know what the most important aspects your client wants to include, you can present and market your venue accordingly. To help your venue be more outstanding, think beyond the foundational elements, and consider what other extra amenities you can offer. Maybe you have the ability to do extra rentals like a popcorn bar or a cotton candy machine. Just a few simple touches beyond the norm could take your venue from satisfactory to sensational for social crowds looking for fun, unique and fitting spaces for their next party or celebration.
Event Type #3: Weddings & Receptions
The venue selection process for a wedding is often a top priority for brides and wedding planners. They will probably already have an idea of what they want the wedding space to look like. One of the things you can do as a venue manager is show the bride or planner your working with that your venue will make their wedding stand out because you can offer something other venues cannot. Consider the strategic relationships you have that could make planning easier. Maybe you have special relationships with rental services, cake makers or linen providers. Or, maybe you offer special table runners or linens for weddings in house, thus saving the bride that step. Providing them with other connections will help take stress of finding vendors and other details on their own. Plus, showing that your venue has built strong relationships throughout the industry will help establish credibility. Do you offer any preliminary or post-event wedding services? Make sure you tell brides and wedding planners and clearly communicate this online as a service that sets your event venue apart.
A crucial aspect of any successful venue is having a staff that knows the difference between events that are for corporate, social or wedding audiences. Having everyone on the same page will ensure that you can create the space that best supports what event is going to take place. Train your staff on the elements that go into each kind of event and on the importance of making and maintaining relationships with other services that will help your venue stand out.
You may be asking, “How does this help me as a venue manager?” One of your goals should be to create a long-lasting venue relationship with clients. You want them to have a venue experience so memorable that they will want to use the space for their future events, or gladly refer friends and relatives. In order to create that relationship, rather than being viewed as a one-stop experience, always take the extra step. Build relationships with event planners, hotels, valet, shuttle services, limo services, restaurants in the area and coordination services directly related to the venue. Helping clients with these accommodations will show that your venue is anything but ordinary.
Wow! If you want to stand out as a venue, but this seems like too much to figure out on your own, you may consider hiring a professional event planner to help you make choices about what’s most important to create partnerships. There are also a number of venues with different styles that you can review on Snappening for more ideas.
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