Whether your favorite team makes it to the final game or putters out early, March Madness is an exciting time for basketball fans across the nation. What better way to watch the game than by creating your own personal VIP box with great friends and delicious food? Planning the perfect event doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a few simple March Madness party ideas from Snappening, your friendly basketball fans will be fighting for the best box seats à la your living room.

March Madness Party Tip #1: Best Seats in the House
Recreate the excitement of being at a live basketball game. You already have the high-definition, big screen TV and surround sound, just add select seating, game food and lots of energy. Set up your seating so that each guest has a prime view of the game and a place to set drinks. You’ll want to make sure there is plenty of room to move about for those clutch play high-fives and handshakes. This is easily accomplished with a simple half-circle layout. Need a few more seats? Kitchen chairs and ottomans make great ad hoc stadium seats.

March Madness Party Tip #2: Arena Food at Home
Apart from the competitive atmosphere, courtside food is the best part of being at a game. Of course, you’ll want to have all the basics: chips, veggie dip, desserts, etc. Treat your guests to their favorite arena foods. Serve franks in authentic hot dog bags–these can be found inexpensively online. Don’t forget the condiments! Satisfy even the pickiest eater with a nacho bar, complete with homemade queso and salsa. Step it up with seasoned beef and chicken. Soft pretzels are always a crowd favorite. Add some variety with different flavored dips: cheese, mustard, hot sauce, etc. Top it all off with a cooler full of soda and brews. And, of course, ice!

March Madness Party Tip #3: It’s brackets, baby!
Keep the energy high with some friendly competition. Post a large tournament bracket on the wall and have everyone take bets on the winners. It might still be too chilly for a game outside, but no one is ever too old for indoor kiddie basketball. Have a shoot-off during commercial breaks. Winner earns bragging rights.
March Madness Party Tip #4: Watch the shot clock!
One more thing, don’t forget to time your treats—you don’t want everyone in a food coma by halftime. Start off with some light snacks, chips and veggie dip. Warm up appetizers toward the end of the first quarter and serve more substantial food during halftime. Set out desserts and light snacks again at the end of the third. No matter who wins, your event is sure to be remembered.
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