After years of planning face-to-face meetings, and countless hours of logistical planning, the Live Meeting® by Microsoft Office® hasmade meeting planning easier! It’s a neat tool to connect your nationwide attendees to a meeting via the web.

Planning meetings daily for a large firm, I found that using meeting requests worked great, but not when you’re dealing with multiple attendees in multiple locations. It puts a damper on trying to get a meeting scheduled quickly. Also, trying to pick destinations and locations that meet everyone’s schedule is a logistical nightmare unless you have an endless budget.  Not only it is time consuming and stressful but it is very costly to corporations and clients.
By using this tool businesses will reduce costs by cutting down on travel and food expenditures. Live Meeting® allows the planner to connect attendees to the meeting, no matter where they are across the country. Of course you will still have to schedule a time, but adding a little Live Meeting link to your invitations will save companies thousands! I know you like the sound of that.

Still not convinced? Here’s what Live Meeting lets the organizer do:

•    Integrated telephone and VoIP audio,
•    Webcam & Round Table video capability,
•    Scheduling from your calendar using the Conferencing Add-in for Outlook®,
•    Interactive tools to encourage participation and keep attendees engaged,
•    Sharing of Rich Media files, such as Flash and Windows Media,
•    Pre-Meeting or In-Meeting File Transfer capability, and
•    Virtual Breakout Rooms for eLearning sessions.

Even though I enjoy the ease of using this tool, I still take pleasure in the planning of a face-to-face meeting, it keeps you on your toes as planner and it also gives you the opportunity to show your client what you can do. But, like I said, who doesn’t appreciate saving money?
Danette Kennedy is the CEO and president of cdk management: events and marketing.