The bellinis and mimosas will only last so long. So how do you keep guests entertained at your baby shower? There’s only one solution: baby shower-themed games! Here is a list of some of their fun and creative ideas. Try not to spill your mimosa.

There are all kinds of guessing games, so get those minds working.

•    Have everyone guess how many sheets of toilet paper it takes to wrap around the mother-to-be’s stomach. Winner gets a prize, such as a lotion or candle.
•    Have each guest bring her own baby picture and give it to the host. The host holds up each picture and the guests have to guess who it is. Fun, right?

Being a mother requires plenty of creativity and dexterity. Here are a few games that will get those creative juices flowing.

•    Place a bunch of clothespins on a hanger. Have each guest try to grab as many pins with one hand as they can without dropping one. Guest with the most pins wins. (Remember the days of removing laundry from a clothesline while holding a baby? Neither do we. But it’s a retro game, and retro is in!)
•    Don’t already have a name in mind? Have the party guests create a girl and a boy name using only the letters in their own (full) name. It’s pretty entertaining – especially for those with few letters to work with! Momma-to-be picks her favorite as the winner.

Bringing baby into the world isn’t only about the mom. That’s why this next game brings a little bit of both parents into the mix.

•    Have one of the shower hosts videotape the mother-to-be’s husband answering questions separately about the new baby (i.e. At what age will you let your daughter go on her first date?). During the shower, ask the same questions to her and compare answers by pressing pause on the video before each one.

With bellinis and mimosas on the menu, you never know what your guests will come up with!

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