Wondering how to plan the perfect birthday party? Not sure about all your options, but know you want it to be a huge success?  Learn how one user dug into Snappening to help her save loads of time and energy this year—thus providing her with more energy for candle blowing.

Snappening user, Kris Parmelee, owner of Avec Moi, took some time away from the kitchen where she is normally whipping up batches of delightful meals, snacks and desserts, to tell us how she successfully maneuvered Snappening to aid in her planning process. Read on to learn more about the event Kris is planning and why Snappening was so incredibly helpful to her.

1) What type of event are you planning?

It’s my 40th birthday! I want to have a great party for my friends.

2) What tools did you use on Snappening?

I needed to quickly come up with two things: (1) the location and (2) the assistance of an event planner to help me with some details.  I wanted the location to be something unique and I was so pleased to see several venues on Snappening that were new to me.  With the event planner piece, I was interested in finding a planner who would work with me on a consulting basis. I own a business that includes a catering side and have lots of experience entertaining.  So, I won’t need a lot of help, but there are a few things that go above and beyond our traditional parties for this event (like lighting) and I need the help of a professional. I was able to send out a bid to all the planners that fit my bill at once and let them know I was looking for someone who would work on a consulting basis.  Not everyone will do this—so this allowed me to rule those folks out right away with one big email!

3) How did the information you gathered on Snappening guide decisions you made in regards to party planning?

The information was great!  First of all, I decided anyone who didn’t respond—I would not follow up with.  If they didn’t respond I assumed that meant they either were not interested in my event or were booked.  Second, getting info from some venues ruled them out right away, which was actually helpful so I could move on and focus on venues I could afford, were available on the date I was looking for, etc.  The event planner feedback was also helpful because, again, some emailed back and said they didn’t do consulting basis, etc.

4) What was the most helpful feature you used on Snappening? 

The best thing about Snappening was the ability to view all of my options at once and then send one mass email to everyone—only detailing my needs once and click—everyone who I wanted to get it, got the email! Plus, the ability to see all of these venues/event planners I didn’t know about. I love the ones with pictures, etc.

5) Have you decided to work with an event planner found on Snappening?

Yes. I am going to work with Elizabeth Lenzi Wertz of Maraschino Events.  She will work with me on a consulting basis, which will include a visit or two to the venue and support in making sure I have everything I need to make the evening what I want.

6) What do you see as the biggest benefit of Snappening?

Time savings—for sure.  It took merely seconds to do what normally would have taken hours and hours of initial inquires, emails, phone calls, etc.

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