When planning an outdoor summer party, the most important thing to keep in mind is guests’ comfort. You want your family and friends to remember the fun, food and games, not their sunburn and bug bites! Follow today’s blog to ensure your party is remembered for the socializing, not the sunburn.

Outdoor Summer Party Tip #1: Cozy up with Comfort and Safety

Keeping guests comfortable and safe at outdoor summer parties doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be your number one priority. Even the most fun, elegant or well-prepared summer party can be damped by a sunburn or mosquito bite. With these tips and a little preparation, you will be on your way to a fantastic outdoor summer party!

  • Provide Adequate Hydration: Among dinner, socializing and party games, hydration can fall by the wayside. Keep water close at hand for guests to grab, as needed. An aluminum tub with mason jars filled with lemon and cucumber water is sure to please! This is especially important if alcohol is also being served!
  • Protect Guests from Sun:When choosing a venue for your party, make sure to consider the amount of shade available for guests: trees, a gazebo, a tent or tables with umbrellas are all great choices. If there is not an abundance of shade, think about where the sun will be during your party and plan accordingly. Include a tray of infused water misters to help guests cool off and refresh.
  • Keep Bugs Away: A single bug bite can diminish an otherwise great experience. Luckily, there are many options for outdoor parties to keep critters away and you can plan accordingly.
    • The first step is to remove any standing water. Even a quarter inch of water is enough for a mosquito to lay its eggs. Any pools, birdbaths or ponds you have can be treated with the application of various insecticides developed for this purpose.
    • Citronella candles and bug spray are also easy and well-known insect repellents.
    • Chemical yard sprays offer long-term bug protection, but can be harmful for the environment.
    • Another great (and natural) option is planting bug-repelling plants such as citronella, horsemint, catnip, marigold and ageratum.
    • If you plan on having lots of get togethers over the summer in the same outdoor area, it may be worthwhile to invest in a bug repelling “bomb,” which will last much longer than a candle.
    • For an effective, free and safe mosquito repellent, turn to your phone. Androids and iPhones offer an app that produces an ultrasound frequency, which repels mosquitoes as well!

Outdoor Summer Party Tip #2: Thrill ’em with Themes

Any party can be upgraded with a fun theme. When thinking of a theme, consider what food, drinks, games and music will accompany it. What should people wear? What venue will best support the theme? Use elements from the theme to keep your guests happy and healthy.

Two of our most favorite themes right now include:

  • Kentucky Derby: Inform guests to dress to the theme with big hats. These will help shield the sun. Serve fresh fruit cocktails and mint juleps to keep guests hydrated. Set up a horseshoes game to provide some friendly competition!
  • Outdoor Movie Night: A projector and a white sheet make for a quick outdoor theater. Lay out comfy pillows and blankets for guests to relax. Surround the location with citronella candles. These will make for beautiful décor and ward off bugs!

Outdoor Summer Party Tip #3: Find your Food and Drink Style

Nobody wants hot coffee or a plate of mashed potatoes in the steamy summer heat. During these warm months, keep the food light and the drinks cold. Some classic ideas for foods include fruit salads, veggie dips and tea sandwiches. When it comes to drinks, fresh and fruity are typically ideal. Infused waters, fresh sweet tea and fruity cocktails are also sure to please.

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