We brought you part one, the “How Snappening can help a consumer,” and this week, we bring you part two, another explanation of our purpose. While we all are consumers in one way or another, Snappening wants to help professionals, as well! So, let us explain how Indianapolis professional meeting and event planners can find a new online bestie with our all-inclusive site! Like a pocketbook for your business, Snappening can store you files, schedules and research all in one place.

No more binders full of notes, sales kits or pesky brochures. Snappening allows you to keep your business market information up-to-date in one easy place by offering dynamic venue content, linking tools, a customizable contact database and secure online document storage for client materials and contracts – all accessible with the click of a mouse. Whether you are new to, established in or a master at event planning, our site can help consumers access your services through one comprehensive platform.

We spent several months researching and talking to planners in the industry to find out what mattered most in their profession and what tools could best help them. Our goal was to address and focus on providing resources that complement what planners needed with what consumers and venues wanted. We like to call this great customer service, perhaps you’ve heard the term?

By registering for one of our subscription options, Indianapolis event planners are able to easily organize, store and communicate with potential customers. Check out our subscription options:

Enhanced: With a modest annual subscription fee, professional planners can access all the information available on Snappening, as well as create a professional comprehensive profile. The enhanced subscription makes you visible to consumers and venue managers, making the opportunity to plan a perfect Indianapolis event easy to manage. Here are a few of the great features available:

•    Search the venue database, filter results and save frequent searches
•    View venue listings and make contact easily, quickly and simultaneously
•    Compare venues online by reviewing photos and detailed specs
•    Plan events, upload photos and append your logo to site materials
•    Utilize a customized planner dashboard to keep tools close at hand
•    Invite clients to co-plan events online for free as a value-added service
•    Manage clients and deadlines with one unified calendar
•    View special “planner-only” content reserved for professionals
•    Social networking package
•    Access to complete profile analytics

Register as a professional planner now and learn about building your enhanced profile so you’re up and running when the site goes live in March!

Limited: By signing up for limited use, planners can create and view basic user profiles; however, they aren’t able to utilize all the functionalities and features available to the enhanced users.

No matter what you choose, the benefits are indefinite. Exposure on both the website and Snappening’s social media platforms (Twitter,Facebook and our blog) allows professional planners to showcase their talents and expertise to brides, mothers, businesses and other consumers who are looking to plan that perfect party.

Snappening is on track for takeoff in March 2011, so be sure to stay tuned on what’s new and how you can be a part of the Indy’s first, all-inclusive event planning website! To stay up-to-date on Snappening’s news and announcements, sign up for updates. Register by March 31st and you’ll automatically be entered to win an iPad, too!