Are you ready for the third and final part of our Snappening series? Here it is. Consumers and professional planners are just two of the three elements that create a great event – what about the venue? Snappening is here to help Indianapolis venues reach interested consumers and planners at the right time, every time, and assist in making the event successful for all the parties involved.

When consumers and planners are searching for the perfect setting to host their next wedding, birthday party, anniversary party or a girls’ night out, Snappening can help educate during the planning process! Snappening allows all Indianapolis-area venues the ability to showcase their available spaces with detailed descriptions, photos, room layouts, videos, Internet links, customized documents and just about anything else a venue would need to share with a potential customer. It’s all in one place, organized simply and efficiently for the user. Rather than hoping the consumer or planner will find each venue online, Snappening combines all this information and makes the experience seamless. Best of all, venues can be confident that the right people are finding them.

Snappening allows the research process to start early and often, filtering results per the user’s exact needs and specifications. In turn, venues can expect a highly qualified source of incoming reservation leads. Our easy-to-use website content management system enables venues to edit listing content and photos as often as needed.

Snappening offers two main subscription models – Enhanced and Limited. Options allow venues to list multiple rooms and upload photos. Some of the other features include:

•    Creating individual space profiles and photos for maximum search results;
•    Receiving “enhanced listing” notations in all search results;
•    Receiving direct lead information from consumers and planners;
•    Being notified every time your venue is selected by a user and the ability contact them directly;
•    Utilizing a customized venue management dashboard keeping track of important information;
•    Accessing individual space InfoSearch Analytics;
•    Receiving consumer reviews, comments and suggestions, and being able to respond;
•    Creating “planner-only” content and sending private planner messaging or opportunities; and
•    Receiving social networking hype through Facebook and Twitter.

Snappening is busy at work populating the venue listings right now and plans to publicly launch in March 2011! Anyone wishing to ensure their venue is properly listed should register now to start the process! For more information on signing up as a consumer orprofessional planner, read our blog.

Stay up-to-date by checking in on Snappening’s news and announcements and sign up for updates (and hey, you might even win an iPad). You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!