It’s the right time of year to kick back and relax in the sunshine with some friends! Working hard all year deserves some summerfun, and what better way to celebrate than with a summer classic: the pool party.

For a truly spectacular summer splash, a couple of floaties and a towel just won’t do. Snappening has the details on how to throw an amazing pool party that your entire guest list will enjoy.

Pool Party Tip #1:  Hostess with the Mostess

Make sure your guests have all the outdoor pool amenities they need for fun in the sun. Provide a bucket full of clean, rolled beach towels by the pool for your guests so they don’t need to worry about remembering to bring their own. For a more enjoyable provision, set up a table full of filled water guns at the entrance to your party, with a sign instructing guests to take one and soak other guests to stay cool in the heat! Providing these water guns is a fun way to involve everyone at your event in a game of summer shoot-em-up! Finally, with a pool party guests are going to be out in the hot sun all day long, set up a sunscreen station by the pool to ensure all your guests have access to protection from the summer sun while frolicking.


Pool Party Tip #2: Summer Sustenance

A pool party is the perfect excuse to have fun with your culinary displays! When providing food for your outdoor event, stick with the summer beach pool party theme. Use plastic buckets and sand shovels to house festive snacks like goldfish or blue M&M’s (to represent water). Use inexpensive plastic kiddie pools filled with ice to offer cold drinks. Include lots of water bottles to keep everyone hydrated. And for the pièce de résistance? Satisfy your sweet tooth with an impressive beach ball-themed fruit cake! This festive dessert looks detailed but is quite simple to make – simply top any round cake with multicolored fruit pieces in the shape of a beach ball’s stripes and round inner center!

Pool Party Tip #3: Decorate Your Deck!

To truly make your summer celebration stand out, be certain to adorn your pool and surrounding area appropriately. Since the pool is central to the party, focus on dressing up the water for your guests’ amazement. Fill the pool with lots of balloons for a festive look. Party goers can throw them around or admire them as they swim. If your pool party continues into the evening, throw a multitude of glow sticks into the water for a gorgeous nighttime illumination. Another fun décor trick is filling your pool with cute windup fish (typically found at toy or dollar stores). These little fishies not only look amazing in the water, but also swim around and interact with pool guests. Guaranteed to make everyone “ooh” and “ahh.” Speaking of fish, here’s another fishy idea: Decorate your tables throughout the party with a simple and easy small glass fishbowl and goldfish! Guests can marvel at the live critters, and you can even provide them as take-home favors for younger guests.

These diverse and awe-worthy pool party tips are ideas sure to amaze your summer guests. Make the most of your party by finding the perfect party planner to help you throw this event with ease. Share your pool party photos and experiences with us on Facebookand Twitter, and be sure to check out the thousands of other summer shindig tips and tricks on our Summer Party Ideas pinboard on Pinterest!