Put the hours and hours of scrolling through Pinterest to good use. Event planners can use Pinterest for a number of reasons. Keep reading for five things event planners should know when using Pinterest.

Tip #1: Client Boards
One of the most useful ways for event planners to use Pinterest is creating private boards for specific clients. This is a helpful way to share ideas and build on creativity. It is much easier to develop an understanding of the direction of the client’s event through images than through words. Collaborating with your client through Pinterest will make it easier for the client to portray the look and feel they want for their event. Many clients may not know much about event planning and what they want and using Pinterest will be useful for both parties involved. Private boards add a level of security and surprise to help both parties wow guests upon arrival.

Tip #2: Great Pinboards for your Company
Event planners should have a well-organized pinboards so clients can see that you have great ideas and great information. This should include types of things you like to do, what you are interested in planning and your primary areas of event planning expertise. Event planners are known for being creative, and a blank or boring Pinterest site may discourage potential clients. An event planner’s page should portray the culture of the company. Some organizations may find it fun to take photos of the office or other on-the-job moments to give followers an idea of what it is like to work at the company. Also, if you plan for a specific city, pin information and fun activities to do in your city. For example, an Indianapolis event planning company can pin about the events going on in Indianapolis.

Tip #3: Great Pins from your Events
A key element in developing your brand through Pinterest is creating boards based on your experience so clients can see what you’ve done. Post images of events you have planned. These images can link back to your website with more details and advice. For example, if you planned a rustic wedding, post images from the wedding that lead back to all the other photos or a blog on how to host your own. Showcase the events you have planned and the venues you use. Step-by-step photos of an event, instead of just the final product, may develop more appreciation for the work that was done.

Tip #4: Leave room for Inspiration
Pinterest is a wonderful resource for brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. It’s not just about following other event planners, but also fashion designers, photographers and artists. Design aesthetics and ideas from these sources can play into the event planning world. Finding inspiration on Pinterest for events is easy. It can also be useful to follow clients and friends. This provides a way to stay on trend and know what potential clients may want.

Tip #5: Be Socially Responsible
With the possibility of repinning, Pinterest is a must-have for the list of social media sites used for marketing. During pinning, place your logo on the image used and include your name in the description. Insert a Pinterest button in the contact information on your company’s website to lead to your boards. When setting up your Pinterest company page, make sure it is connected to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. This way you can easily connect on Pinterest with the people you are connected with on other social media sites.

Pinterest is still growing and developing. Find out which way to use Pinterest works best for your brand and image. Pin, repin, explore and inspire. The possibilities of Pinterest are limitless.

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