Next time you are trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, instead of calling up your favorite pizza joint, pack everyone up and head outside for a fun family picnic! Summer is the best time to do this, especially with the gorgeous Indy weather! Just make sure you read our following tips and of course, wear plenty of sunscreen and bug spray!

DIY Picnic Planning: Your Family Picnic Style

Oftentimes our most common picnic inspiration starts at home. When considering how to make your family picnic planning efforts quicker and easier this summer, we recommend setting up a picnic-ready basket packing kit early in the season and having it easily accessible all summer long. While you cannot prep the food items in advance, you obviously can get the non-perishable items ready, assembled and handy for your last-minute pop-up picnics. When picnic prep time is reduced, you have more time to focus on the important aspects – fun picnic recipes and fun family picnic activities.

Bring in the Professionals: Gourmet Family Picnic Ideas

Take advantage of all of the great catering options in Indy in order to make your day as stress free as possible. Some caterers will also come to your location and do the food setup for you if your family picnic group happens to be large. That way, all you’re in charge of is getting everyone in the car and bringing a blanket to lounge on. If you do plan on packing your own catered food, consider requesting ingredients that are particular to the summer months like juicy watermelon or yummy strawberries for tasty strawberry shortcake. Many caterers will also have unique ideas about how to make normally simple food dishes into gourmet picnic inspirations and something that the entire family will be talking about all summer long.

Location, Location, Location
If you are planning on taking advantage of the beautiful parks in Indy, choose ones with other activities so that you can incorporate them into your day! Bring a football or a baseball and some mitts so that you can throw the balls around or have your own game of touch football. Who says a picnic needs to be at a park? As long as you’re eating outside, it’s a picnic! Use that gorgeous lawn furniture you stared at longingly during the frigid winter months and invite the neighbors over or turn it into a block party!


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