Has wedding planning been stressing you out? Have you spent countless hours trying to discover or secure a venue? Don’t let the pressure of planning cloud the happiest day of your life! Learn how one Snappening user saved both time and energy navigating the complex world of wedding planning. Read today’s blog to learn more about the wedding Jenni is planning and why Snappening was so incredibly helpful to her.


1) What type of event are you planning? 

We’re planning a wedding ceremony and reception for June 1, 2013.


2) How did you come across Snappening? 

I’ve known Crystal Grave, the founder of Snappening, from the past and have followed her business with interest. I was excited to try Snappening for myself.


3) Why was Snappening so helpful to you?

Using Snappening opened my eyes to some non-traditional venues, as well as newer venues I hadn’t yet heard of. Having an expert online tool at my disposal certainly made my research faster, quicker and easier, plus the uniform profile design for all the venues made it simpler to look at multiple locations for similar factors such as price, location, style, catering options, etc.


4) What was the single biggest benefit Snappening provided?

The greatest benefit to me was the ability to easily identify key facts regarding various venues all from one source. I’m planning a guest list of about 150 people and wanted to locate a venue that accommodated that number specifically. I also liked the capability to contact multiple venues via an email inquiry feature with just one click.


5) What type of venue did you envision before your Snappening event venue search?

Before using Snappening, I had my heart set on two popular event venues in Indianapolis for different reasons — one was super modern and the other was rustic. My fiancé and I were initially excited about these venues, but both were pushing our budget limit and we weren’t overjoyed with either location during the onsite tours.


6) Did the search on Snappening streamline the vision you had?

Searching Snappening’s resources definitely opened my eyes to other possibilities and helped me identify the type of venue we actually wanted.


7) How did the venue profiles on Snappening compare to other wedding sites?

I could tell that Snappening’s profiles were current and accurate. I had visited a few other sites regarding venue selection but their information was outdated or incorrect. I wasted time on other sites researching venues, only to discover they weren’t large enough for our guest capacity needs.


8) Describe the event venue you selected and its benefits.

We ultimately selected a newer venue, Arch at Chatham. It’s in a prime location that is convenient to downtown for our guests, but still exudes the fun, artsy vibe that Mass Ave offers. It is the perfect size and offers a unique catwalk and DJ booth on the second level. The Arch has been incredibly accommodating to our questions and requests – they are genuinely excited to help us plan the wedding of our dreams!


9) What factors made you select the Arch at Chatham as your event venue?

For one, the venue is absolutely beautiful! Also, the food and drinks are very important to us and we didn’t want traditional catering. The Arch offered the ability to mix and match various caterers, which was an enormous selling point for us.


10) Describe the type of wedding reception you hope to create in Indianapolis.

I want the reception to be a big, lively party for everyone, with a short ceremony to kick things off. Ideally, I’d like for our guests to be relaxed and comfortable, without that stuffy feel that some weddings can elicit. I just want everyone to have a great time celebrating!


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