Let’s face it – family reunions have a bad rep. From family drama, to the stress of everyone coming together, coming up with fun reunion activities and planning the entire event can be quite the undertaking. The goal is to plan an easy, carefree family gathering and help re-write the history of family reunions. From games and food, to décor and design, we’ve got the scoop to make your next family gathering a snap!
Family Reunion Tip #1: Family Tree Fun
For festive family reunion décor, this adorable craft is one the whole family will be talking about. For your next outdoor reunion, consider using the environment to display family photos! Hang photos of family members throughout the years (baby photos, graduation, and previous family reunion pictures for example) on string, and wrap these “memory strands” around the trees in your venue for perfect “family trees!”   Family members will love walking around these family trees and viewing the memories of everyone in their tree. Use thicker twine and adorn these family photos with pretty frames for a more rustic feel. Want to amp up the fun? Do some side-by-side “then and now” photos with various family members representing multiple generations. (i.e. Have grandpa stand next to his baby picture in the tree.)
Family Reunion Tip #2: Food for the Whole Family
Family reunions are typically full of a variety of personalities and tastes. To ensure everyone gets what they want and no dietary restriction stress ensues, utilize the trendy option of make-your-own food bars! Everyone loves brunch, so how about setting up a simple and easy waffle bar, or a make-your-own Panini station? Guests can choose between breakfast, lunch or both, and all you need are waffles with multiple topping such as fruits and syrups, and a variety of breads, meats and cheese with a Panini press or regular grill! This provides everyone options without making a lot of work for the party setup! Another fun idea for family food? Send a quick email out to your relatives well ahead of the gathering asking what their favorite recipe is from the old family cookbook. The recipe with the most votes gets featured in the center of your food table for all to enjoy! Guests will appreciate this homage to family tradition and memories of all the times they’ve enjoyed this family favorite. Feeling extra crafty? Use the nominated recipes to create a new cookbook and include a story and photo from the submitting family member highlighting what makes the recipe special in their eyes.
Family Reunion Tip #3: A Fantastic Amount of Fun
It’s time for everyone’s favorite part of a family reunion—the games! Involve everyone in the family with our top reunion activities  for an afternoon of enjoyment. First, try a new spin on an old favorite.Take an old white sheet or blanket, and paint squares on it to make a jumbo-sized checkerboard. Use cardboard to cut out 12 large circles and paint these red and black to make a life-size interactive checkers. Instead of sitting down and playing the traditional version between two people, use this fun and unique take on the standard to involve up to 12 members of your reunion (each person can be in charge of one giant game piece—all members of each team can congregate together to plan out their team’s moves – “King Us”.) Our next activity is just as interactive and fun: use spray paint to draw giant colored circles in your lawn for a home Twister game board! Write letters on a multitude of giant squares for an interactive giant group Scrabble game! And don’t forget to provide something for the younger generation. Consider using old plastic soda bottles filled with bright food coloring and water and set up a homemade bowling alley for the kids!
These unique and easy ideas for your next familial gathering are sure to have the whole family raving, and looking forward to every reunion thereafter!. For more tips and tricks for family reunions, check out Snappening’s Family Reunion Ideas pinboard on Pinterest, and be sure to share your experiences on our Facebook or Twitter page. Don’t have a big enough backyard? Find an amazing outdoor venue  for your family’s gathering with Snappening’s event venue search. Love these party ideas but want to leave the planning and setup to someone else? Find the perfect event planner for your next family reunion with Snappening’s event planner search.