Whether you‘re celebrating an engagement, birthday, anniversary or having a just-for-fun party, we’ve got five great cocktails that will quench you and your guests’ thirst!

Keep it classy with a unique twist by serving up Pear Bellinis. This little number is a great way to turn a traditional toasting drink into a fun spritzer! Top it off with some berries for a chic and sophisticated look. It’s as easy as one and two:

•    For every one glass of champagne, just add 1 oz of Pear Schnapps.

Looks like cola, tastes like candy! Back in Black cocktails are perfect for keeping it simple. All you need are these three ingredients and a lime to garnish:

•    1 ½  oz Vodka
•    ½  oz Rose’s® Triple Sec
•    Top off with a Cola of choice

Grab the shaker and these three ingredients for a refreshing glass of Chalet Cider! Don’t forget to garnish with apple chips! Not a drinker? This recipe is just as desirable when you substitute lemon water for the citrus-flavored vodka. This is all you need:

•    2 oz Citrus-flavored vodka (or lemon water)
•    ¾ oz Simple sugar syrup
•    3 oz Sparkling Cider

If you feel like monkey’ing around, try The Zoo. With a bit of everything mixed into your favorite juices, it’s bound to have a bit of a kick! Here’s your shopping list:

•    ½  oz gin
•    ½  oz rum
•    ½  oz tequila
•    ½  oz bourbon
•    ½  oz Rose’s® Grenadine
•    ½  oz pineapple juice
•    ½  oz orange juice

If you’re looking for a party punch that’s easy to serve in one big bowl, make this Tart & Tasty Punch! It’s a non-alcoholic drink anyone can enjoy, but if you’re looking for the extra pizzazz, you can certainly add your liquor or choice (we suggest rum!). Happy mixing:

•    2 6oz cans frozen pink lemonade concentrate
•    1 6oz can frozen pineapple juice concentrate
•    1 gallon cranberry juice
•    2 liters cranberry ginger ale
•    4 cups of crushed ice

Once you pick your poison, don’t forget to toast to great company — they are the reason you’re celebrating in the first place! Cheers!

*Please drink responsibly.