It’s time to celebrate one of the most romantic days of your life—your wedding. We have just the secrets you need to throw a truly whimsical and romantic anniversary party. This will be a love-struck gathering that all your family and friends will enjoy, complete with unique décor and party inspiration that help celebrate your milestone. Get ready to say, “I Still Do” with style!

Romantic Anniversary Party Decor

One of the best aspects of an anniversary party is getting to display all the adorable historic photos from your wedding day and courtship.

Consider any one of these creative display techniques your guests can enjoy:

  1. First, place branches and sticks (some with tiny flowers are especially beautiful) into vases, then attach milestone photos onto the branches with string or tape.
  2. These rustic and original centerpieces offer a new twist on displaying romantic photos. Another gorgeous table decoration or centerpiece decor idea is to use clear bottles, jars or special antique glasses as picture frames. Simply place the desired photo face-out against the glass, and then for a special touch, place your desired floral bouquet inside to hold photo in place and add a pop of color.
  3. This fun photographic trick will melt your guests’ hearts! Tie photos to the end of a multitude of balloons for a festive look! Guests can walk through and enjoy looking at the flashback photos while the balloons float magically above them! Set up this decoration area anywhere inside your venue. These decorations are not only fun to create, but also offer easy ways to make your anniversary party stand out.

Romantic Anniversary Party Themes

This party isn’t all about the decor. These extras are going to add even more fun to the mix.

Before you start planning the party, make sure your invitations are as unique and fanciful as the rest of the event. Instead of your typical paper cards, consider boxing up balloons filled with helium that have the party information attached to the string. This way, when people open up the box, the balloon floats out with their invitation attached.

Another fun tip for a unique, yet romantic anniversary party, is personalizing your signature beverage. Champagne for the toasts is customary, and a fun twist is to make your own labels for your champagne bottles. Everyone opening a bottle will be reminded of the special event. (Also consider labeling a personalized wine bottle and saving it to open for your next anniversary.)

Last but not least, invite family and friends to bring their favorite picture of you and your spouse to the party with them, and set up a fun display board (try one in the shape of the number of years you’ve been together) for guests to post their chosen photos for everyone to view.This activity will encourage some of those lesser-known pictures to come out and shine, which is more fun for everyone.

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