It’s time to reduce, reuse, and recycle not only your plastic bottles and cutoff jeans, but also your materials and supplies for your next event! Here are some ways you can make your next Indianapolis corporate meeting or shindig a sustainable one. You may also find value in checking out the Green Meeting Industry Council’s list of best practices for more green ideas.

New Age New Badge Name Ideas

Reduce the number of name badges you provide through utilizing an online-check in system or by reusing ones from previous meetings. This simple change will cut way back on the costs of buying new lanyards and nametags. Not feeling too tech savvy? Not to fear! Save some trees through making sure you print out all of your supplies on recycled paper.

Buy Local

Support local businesses and have the comfort of knowing you’re getting great quality products from fellow Hoosiers. When you’re finished with the event, instead of throwing out all those cute promotional packages and mini desserts, donate them to a local shelter or recycling center. That way you’ll not only be helping out Mother Earth, but you’ll also be making a difference in someone’s life at the same time! Talk about win-win. Second Helpings, an Indianapolis based organization, gladly rescues excess prepared and perishable food, transforms it into yummy meals and then distributes it to over 60 different service-oriented companies that feed those in need.

Philanthropic Ideas

Providing recycling bins for your participants to drop their binders and programs in throughout the event is an easy way to get everyone involved. Teachers’ Treasures is a philanthropic organization for local Indianapolis children in need of school supplies that would greatly benefit from all of the extra supplies after your next green meeting! Keep Indianapolis Beautiful offers awesome recycling/reusing guides and provides a map of local drop-off stations.

Green Certified Options

Certified Green hotels in Indianapolis, like the JW Marriot, The Hilton Garden Inn, and The Hampton Inn at the Airport, provide great sustainable facilities for you to hold your next power meeting, dream wedding or rockin’ reception! Create or become your own “Green Team” in order to find ways to further reduce your amount of waste and create fun ways of turning your event green! One idea is to use an edible arrangement as the centerpieces for your tables, which will not only be visually appealing, but will also serve as a tasty treat!

Get Creative

Avoid serving individual packets of things like salt, pepper, cream and sugar. Instead, provide bulk containers of each for your green meeting attendees! Decorate these containers with eco-friendly sayings so your guests will have some food for thought as they pour some cream into their cup of joe.
Limit the number of promotional items given away. Instead, choose to award special prizes that are also eco-friendly! Eco-chic is so “IN” this season!

Now you can plan your next corporate event and make it green in a Snap!

How have you taken steps to make your meetings green? Share your eco-tastic tips with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!