If you want to throw a party that captures the essence of the sea, a nautical party is the way to go. As one of the top summer party trends, nautical parties can be transformed to be appropriate for people of all ages. You can use sea-inspired décor like anchors, sailboats, glass bottle messages, ropes, life jackets and rings, seashells, lanterns and much more to create an unforgettable nautical experience for each guest. There are several different ways you can create a unique nautical-themed party, and Snappening has compiled a few favorites just for you.
Posh Nautical
Elegant and chic, a posh nautical party is sure to leave your guests raving. Create floral centerpieces by placing different flowers into various white vases and tying different sailor knots with rope around each one. Use a navy and white table cloth with a modern nautical pattern to coordinate nicely with a brighter floral centerpiece arrangement. Place tea lights into small glass dishes around the table to make a lovely addition for a posh vibe. The combination of nautical décor and elegant flowers and patterns will be both classy and fabulous.
Nautical for Kids
Even kids will love a nautical-themed party. You can easily craft your own sailboat place cards and provide sailor hats for each party guest. There are many different décor options, but a kid’s party gives you the chance to have more fun. Consider setting out bowls of goldfish or whale crackers and providing a fun nautical goody bag with Life Savers, Swedish fish, Twizzler sailor knots, saltwater taffy and whatever else you can imagine. You may also consider making cupcakes with sailboat toppers or sand dollar cookies for extra sweet treats. If you have access to a pool, consider pairing the nautical party with a pool party. If not, there are still plenty of nautical games you could play on land!
Americana Nautical
Red, white, blue—and nautical. Consider making your nautical party a little more patriotic for the upcoming 4th of July, or just for fun. Place a blue and white striped table cloth with a red centerpiece, napkins, and/or décor to truly add an American flair to your party. You can still use decorations like anchors, ropes and sailboats too. For food options, consider a seafood extravaganza with some American favorites—crab, lobster, shrimp, corn on the cob and cherry pie. This dual-theme party is perfect for the summer season because so many patriotic decorations are available around the fourth of July. If you love the idea, but want to host the party later in the year, try stocking up on décor now.

Bright Nautical 

It’s nautical with a twist. Combine the original nautical decorations and theme with any bright color you like. It’s a fun, easy way to add some color to the party. One of the best ways to do that is to create centerpieces out of bright colors such as yellow, orange or red— all beautiful and appropriate for summer. You can also use colored plates, cups and napkins. There are really no set rules for this theme. Choose any of your favorite colors and work it into the design any way you wish. It’s simple, yet extraordinary.
As you can see, there are a lot of nautical party options. Having a set theme makes decorating a little easier, yet it still gives you plenty of room to add your own personality. No matter which direction you guide your nautical party compass, have fun with it and your guests will too! If you decide you need some extra help to create your event, consider hiring a professional event planner, or, if you still haven’t selected a venue, try our venue search option.
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