Has your father been an integral part of shaping you into the person you are? Do you owe many thanks to the man who raised you? Show your gratitude by throwing a Father’s Day surprise party!

Consider your father’s hobbies and interests when planning your surprise bash. Is your Dad a manly man who enjoys the great outdoors? Perhaps a homebody who takes pride in his lawn and grilling the perfect steak? Maybe he’s a relaxed dude with some cinematic flair? Your papa’s personality will tell you a lot about the sort of activities and party atmosphere he would most enjoy on his special day.

But first, ensure you’ve covered all your bases. Be certain to invite guests at least 3-4 weeks prior and inform them that the gathering will be a surprise. Plan on having someone take “father” out to lunch, coffee, a movie or anything that will distract him enough so that he’s unaware of the impending surprise. Lastly, when Dad arrives, make sure all guests are hidden and “happy father’s day” is yelled upon his entrance!

Too close to the big day to pull off the penultimate surprise bash? Never fear sweet child ‘o mine! Check out five more creative celebration suggestions below that will make for one unforgettable Father’s Day party, no matter how much prep time you have available!


Father’s Day Idea #1: Backyard BBQ
If your Dad is the type of guy who loves grilling, consider throwing a BBQ! This setup is fairly easy in that you probably have a lot of what you may need at hand. However, this is one of the most unexpected surprises because Dad is in his element and will never know what hit him. Plan to get your papa out of the house while you fire up the grill, place cool refreshments in the cooler and setup lawn games for the guests. Upon his return, toast your Dad with a good brew and an even better steak! Add grilled herb sausages to the menu to spice things up a bit.


Father’s Day Idea #2: Summer Picnic
Perhaps your Daddy is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Plan on guests arriving at a scenic park to honor Dad in a relaxed family inspired picnic. Pack an assortment of food including sandwiches, fruit and veggie finger food galore and more! Be sure to stock a cooler full of everyone’s favorite liquid refreshment. Arrange the menu according to the guest of honor’s preference.


Father’s Day Idea #3: Brewery Shindig
Maybe your Dad is a party animal at heart….or perhaps he just enjoys a fine brew. Either way, treat him to a papa pub experience at a local brewery! Arrange to meet your father at the selected venue and knock his socks off with a rowdy group of friends and family gathered to toast his accolades. Enjoy bar fare, appetizers and sampling the various distilled delights as your papa has his time in the sun!


Father’s Day Idea #4: Backyard Movie
Is your Daddy a movie maniac? Plan a backyard movie party on his behalf! All you need to do is rent a projector, hang a sheet…and (the toughest part) select a movie. Fashion a makeshift theater by setting out beanbags, cushions, pillows and the like so all your guests will be comfortable. Of course, you must serve popcorn, candy, soda and all the other yummy goodness that goes along with the partaking of motion pictures!


Father’s Day Idea #5: Campfire Breakfast

Whether you take on the fierce unknown or camp out in the backyard…nothing is better than breakfast in the morning to celebrate the accomplishment (oh yeah, and Dad)! Break out the French press, mimosas, omelets by fire, cinnamon buns and more. Your father is ferocious and will expect a hearty breakfast that has it all. Consider bacon, sausage, hash browns, fruit, pancakes and anything else your troupe desires.

Above all, remember that whatever type of party you select, the memories are sure to last a lifetime. The best thing about throwing a Father’s Day party (be it a total surprise or not), is that the honoree will be wowed with your herculean efforts on his behalf. If you need help planning the perfect celebration, Snappening offers a comprehensive list of event planners that are sure to create the ultimate bash!


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