If you can’t wait to don your red, white and blue, fire up the BBQ and watch a booming firework display, then you’ve come to the right place. The 4th of July is the perfect time to get friends and family together to celebrate your patriotism with a BANG!

Your bash can be as complex or simple as you wish. The gathering may be low-key or you could pull out all the stops…the choice is yours! You may choose to hold your get-together in your home, or select an Indianapolis party venue such as a bar, restaurant, or brewery to host the shindig. Determining the number of guests and your overall budget will help you in this decision. If you would like to be as cost effective as possible and have the space, you may elect to host the party in your home or backyard.

Whether you choose to host the party at home or an Indianapolis venue, be sure to incorporate the following unique 4th of July party suggestions to get your patriotic party rocking:

Fabric Medallions

Using various red, white and blue colored and patterned pieces of fabric to hand make these patriotic star works of art that will serve as the perfect backdrop to your July 4th bash!

Red, White & Blue BBQ:

Burgers, chicken and hotdogs are BBQ staples but why not enhance your palate with some fish or seafood? While your being adventurous, consider serving blueberry ketchup alongside your regular red tomato ketchup…it goes great with grilled salmon or barbequed chicken!

Children’s Games

If your party will be including little ones, the red, white and blue tag game is fun for all. Each child receives a token that will be either red, white or blue. The children then run around trying to tag one another. If tagged, you must give your token to the person who tagged you. Once a child has collected one red, one white and one blue token, they are the winner and the game can be played again. When the food is about to be served or the children tire, direct them to a more relaxed activity such as completing a patriotic word search or connect the dot page.

Tissue Garland Serving Globes

Use red, white and blue honeycomb tissue to construct this amazing serving dish décor that will spruce up each menu item and make your buffet table or centerpiece pop!

Patriotic Desserts

The options are absolutely endless! Try making a fruit tart flag using blueberries and sliced strawberries or even a red, white and blueberry cheesecake pie. These treats are sure to have your guests seeing fireworks!

Flag Décor

Use lots of American flags in various sizes as décor, including hanging large flags and using mini flags to decorate the tables. Consider purchasing some antiqued wood frames to display small flags, photos of presidents or pictures of historical monuments or architecture.

Outdoor Seating

Place blankets, folding lawn and wicker chairs around the yard if your party will be held outdoors. Add floor cushions or pillows to create a relaxed atmosphere where your guests can lounge and chat.

Party Favors

Hand out red, white, and blue galvanized bucket full of favors to all your guests. Inside each bucket, include a box of Cracker Jack’s, sparklers, mini American flags and red, white and blue candy. For the children, incorporate patriotic coloring books and bubbles. As an added extra, as each female departs, distribute red, white, and blue flowers.

Regardless of which direction you choose for your 4th of July party, consider hiring an event planner to aid you in preparing for the celebration. Take a look at Snappening’s venue search if you’re contemplating hosting your bash at an Indianapolis locale.

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