Summer is one of the best times to get your friends and family together for a little shindig at home. Everyone loves a BBQ, lawn games and enjoying the amazing weather while it lasts. Hosting a summer party is a perfect way to celebrate the season and enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some excellent summer party planning tips and ideas for hosting an amazing event:
Rubber Stamp Labels

Cut 10×10 inch sheets of parchment paper, then use rubber stamps to label several with the words “rare,” “medium” and “well done.” When the meat comes off the grill, place it on the paper in which corresponds to the level of how done the meat is. This allows guests to easily identify which cuts of meat they’d prefer.

Bottle Dressings

Dress bottles up easily with patterned paper and double-sided tape. Use scraps of gift wrap or funky wallpaper samples to add pizzazz to water, lemonade, soda bottles or even jars of pickles.

Lawn Games

Lawn games can be the best solution for early arrivals, during the festivities or even as a way to end the night. Everyone loves a rousing game of croquet, Frisbee, badminton or horseshoes!

Ward off Pests

Have a designated area filled with sunscreen, bug repellant and hand-held fans for guests to use at their leisure. Remember to have tiki torches and citronella candles lit as an added measure.

Sparkler Lighting

Turn a string of Christmas lights into summer sparklers! Poke holes in the center of muffin tin wrappers and place around each twinkling light to create a floral vine lighting design on your outdoor deck or patio.


Recycle with Style

Control trash and keep the earth green by designating colorful enameled buckets with stick-on vinyl letters instructing guests where to place their glass, paper and plastic items.

Food Saver Flower Pots

Flower pots aren’t just for potting plants and table décor. Used upside down they can protect dips and other dishes from party-crashing insects. Lift the pot by placing one finger through the drain hole or create a handle with cord, knotting holes and pushing the loop through the hole.

Mini Italian Ice

Serve single, homemade Italian ices with wooden spoons. Use rubber stamps to adorn the wooden spoons with phrases your guests will enjoy, such as “party,” “summer,” “cheers,” “celebrate” or any number of personalized slogans.

If you’d like some help in coordinating your celebration, consider hiring an event planner to aid you in your preparations. Share your summer party ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter! For even more inspiration, check out our Summer Party Ideas board on Pinterest.