Do you feel a headache coming on at the very thought of planning an upcoming special Indianapolis event? We’ve all been there! Facilitating a flawless event takes time, money and seemingly endless phone calls.
Believe it or not, party planning brain-freeze can be a distant memory!  Snappening, Indianapolis’ most comprehensive event planning resource, provides everything you need to plan a flawless event with speed and ease. From Indianapolis wedding receptions to corporate events to a casual gathering with friends at Indianapolis restaurant venues, any event comes together easily with Snappening’s database and easy-to-use tools.
The first step to making the planning process easy as cake? Fully understanding the functionality of That is why we’re offering site-assisted searches for first-timers. By contacting us, we can walk you through the five steps to getting you your party planning off the ground – in a snap!
With our site-assisted searches, you’ll learn more about these essential steps and features:
1.    Create an account on Snappening!

Select “Sign Up” at the top of the Snappening homepage. Verify whether you are an event host, a registered Indianapolis event planner or an Indianapolis-area event venue, then fill out your contact info and create a password. Finally, select your desired consumer account level:

•    Limited Account (free): Ideal for those planning a single event, this option allows users to access the database of event venues and planners, as well as features like exploring photos, writing reviews and requesting quotes one at a time.
•    3-Month Subscription ($19.99): The Enhanced Membership lets you share links with others and easily track event schedules. You are even able to keep your details organized with online RSVP’s, a calendar tool and an online address book. Best of all, you can contact as many event venues or event planners as you would like simultaneously with one group request. Yes, you heard that right.  You mark who you want to reach as “favorites”, you select who you want to receive your communication and Veolia!  Snappening does the rest.

•    Annual Subscription ($39.99): The annual subscription gives you the Enhanced Membership access for a full year. It’s easily renewed when the time comes!
2.    What are you looking for?
So you have an account. What are your options here? Snappening can help you plan anniversaries, award ceremonies, baby showers, birthday parties, board meetings, business dinners, conferences, holiday parties, media events, networking events, press conferences, private parties, wedding receptions, trade shows and so much more! PHEW. This is when we’ll walk through your event details to help us set up a search that is sure to bring up the perfect Indianapolis event venue and event planner based on your preferences, budget and more!
3.    Let’s get searching.
Time to hit the search engine full force. We’ll take your preferences and event details into consideration when setting up the search. Under “Advanced Search”, we’ll be able to show you how to specifically narrow down venue type, catering preferences, the number of sleeping rooms required or the venue style, among other criteria.
4.    Mark your favorites.
Loving what a planner or event venue has to offer? Click “Save to Favorites” on the sidebar and continue on your search. You’ll be able to view all of them in one place shortly, so don’t worry about having to constantly go back to your page of search results! This makes it easy to look at all your selected Indianapolis event venues or event planners at once.
5.    Check your dashboard.

To view all of your favorite Indianapolis event planners and event venues in one place, click My Dashboard on the site’s top right corner. Voila! A simple, organized list of links back to your favorite options. We’ll show you how to contact your favorites by clicking the “Contact Venue” or “Contact Planner” button for a pop-up contact form. Snappening will send your contact information and message on its way. And here’s where you can really put that Enhanced Membership to use! With an upgraded account, you can simultaneously contact any number of event venues or planners. Your decision will be simplified by conversation with several event venues or event planners at once.

Simple as that! Facilitating a beautiful event at any of our Indianapolis venues or building a relationship with a professional event planner is no longer the daunting task it once was. If event planning wasn’t in your skill set before, we have a good feeling it might be now… and what to do with all that time you just saved? The options are endless!

Contact us or head to Snappening now to get started!